Email 8th August 1998

Subject: Fish 98 - Plague, Malta Gig date, and Remasters etc

Dear Freaks, friends and FWO,
Saturday and no parties in sight! The Raingods album moves ever forward and as expected what would life be without roadbumps. I'm sitting here about to go into the studio for the backed up vocal sessions and my beechams powders are on their way.
The album seems to be aptly named as in Scotland we have the wettest Summer on record! It's rained constantly throughout the sessions and everytime I venture outdoors the only happy smiling faces are on the ghost carp in the pond.
I made the mistake of playing a 5 a side football match on Tuesday and left the hall in a wet strip!! Cue bugs and cold! :-(
Nothing that can't be dealt with as we're slightly ahead of schedule with only 7 vocals to get down before Wednesday and time available during the mixing which once again Calum Malcolm is in charge of.

Chasing Miss Pretty and Mr Buttons are first up as the Kettle project is on line for delivery end of September for a late October release. The 26th is not definite by the way!
If it comes down to it I can hang off on the Raingods mixes till October as the album isn't scheduled till Feb/March 99.
Another problem was that backing vocals were delayed after Steve Vantsis took a kicking last Saturday in Edinburgh and took some blows to his throat. 3 guys went for Steve and 2 mates who were very much worse for wear at 4am and making their way home along the Royal Mile. No reason, easy targets for some testosterone fuelled bravado. The 'crunchies' might as well have picked a fight with potato sacks for all the resistance they got from Steve and the boys. Steve didn't have the mobile on him so the cavalry were unable to help out! He's ok but a bit sore with badly bruised pride.
He was more pissed about the vocal sessions.

Bruce Watson from Big Country came along this week and added some guitars on a couple of tracks and mandolin on Incomplete which is a sure fire single of the highest calibre.

Chasing Miss Pretty is also there as a radio track and reeks of USA radio plays!
Tapes are on their way to Roadrunner for consideration. The video could be fun:-)

I got the remastered Suits back from Calum and it is a different album. At last the songs spring out rather than huddle in the speakers. The vibe on Emperors and Bandwagon in particular are outstanding. The creature lives!! I think this album will amaze some of you and garner a new respect in the catalogue. Well pleased my droogs!

Neil Dalgleish is dealing with the repackaging and I've already dealt with Songs.. and Suits.
8 pages of typing on each!! :-) Mo is up here and we were talking about all sorts over whisky until 5 this morning. (my normal bed time these days). The sleeve notes will fill in a lot of gaps in my history and back up the reasoning behind certain decisions that were made. When they're added to the web site a more complete version of events will be available.

Some of you have questioned the sequence of re releases.
The principle factor is the actual remastering and repackaging. The Exile and Songs tapes are late coming from Polydor but Suits was here at the farm. With Neil working his butt off on the artwork and Kettle needing a completely new sleeve there's little time to play with and the titles go into the system when the parts are available.
Kettle comes out at the end so the campaign if sprung means all the albums on the Cat. are there for 'new' fans and the revenue from all the sales backs up the promo budgets!

BTW don't discuss 'buying rings' on the list. There are journalists who read the list and no-one wants the press to jump on an 'Internet fans rig charts' article. Nuff said.

Other points - The free Toile shirts are now out of stock but there's still singles given away.
If you put an order in PLEASE don't send copies asking did you get this, when is it coming etc as it confuses the hell out of us:-)
If you send in an order on e don't duplicate it on the card line and always put your name and date highlighted on the order so we can deal with any enquiries. We've had a major problem with the Fan Club's computer in recent months which Mo and Pete are sorting this weekend.
This has had a lot to do with the recent temporary hassles with orders and - as they've all been dealt with by hand - duplicates have been a problem as the records are not on screen.
All will be well on Monday!

Re Malta - September the 19th is the date of the gig. It was the closest we could get and I'm really sorry for those of you who will miss out because of the change. For those people who will lose any money on this please contact me privately and I'll see what I can do about helping with reimbursements from the Maltese government. I can't promise but I'll do my best.

That's all for today! Studio calls and my throat is just meaty enough for Tilted Cross!

Hear you soon
Onkel Fish x

Ps The Sparks track is off the Songs remaster and will be used elsewhere. The USA dictates that only 10 songs can be used on an album after that the artist has to pay the publishing himself. With Time and a Word and The Seeker added (more chance at radio!) This Town took the list to 11 and could mean that I would be paying for publishing from my record royalties.
It's not worth doing 2 masters and artwork for different territories so I made the executive decision! :-( Another reason was I remembered that Sparks are American!!!! Songs has all UK artists - that was part of the rules! The American album is a future project (not even in a schedule so don't ask!!:-)

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