Email 23rd August 1998

Subject: Fish 98 Part 2 - TV, releases and Raingods

Dear freaks, friends and FWO,
Well I may be going for a whole list to myself and save you scrolling through complaints about the lack of Radiation. I think I made the right decision to go with an Indy Major judging by the current vibe on the list.
Ok here it is -
Kettle of Fish will be released together with all the catalogue except for Yin and Yang on October 26th in Europe and on November 9th in the UK. The USA have still to decide on what and when they will release but at least 6 titles are up for consideration.
I don't know about the rest of the territories yet but as soon as I know, you'll know.
Chasing Miss Pretty is to be tested at radio before RR commit to a full-blown campaign but there will be singles from Raingods.
The first 30 000 Kettles will have a free CD ROM with 3 videos, Just Good Friends, Brother 52 and Fortunes of War together with sound clips from all the albums, biogs, photos and other info. This is a European release only as the USA want to use the CD Rom in straight promo rather than an inclusive item. Good news for our foreign cousins is that I will have the European item available through the Merchandise list. Price and release date not yet confirmed. All the titles will be available from the Company and details will go on the Web Site as soon as!
A new merchandise list will be up in the coming weeks with a number of deals and bargain box titles as the Dick Bros label clears it's decks and the Roadrunner releases and other new items come on line. There will be a Kettle T-shirt as well as the compilation clip video and I will be discussing the release of a limited edition in concert video from the German convention with Jurgen president of the Company Germany.
I am still trying to get my hands on the Prezmyl concert filmed by Polish TV last year and I'll be talking to the relevant people in the coming weeks in order to secure a release. The Haddington Limited edition CD will be mixed at the end of October and made available for Christmas stockings!!
I'm going to examine the possibility of a Calendar containing the sleeve artwork and various photos from live and candid shots. I'd appreciate some feedback on this before I commit to the project. I don't want to end up with a shed full of 99 calendars!!

Roadrunner are working hard on the releases and initial reaction from the press has been good which inspires everyone with confidence. A major article in the new Classic Rock monthly mag is secured as well as a Mojo piece on favourite songs in the shower/saturday night kick off songs/Sunday chill out songs etc. Q has also shown interest in an article!
Rich Wilson has also been working on a piece on my discography which I must admit to finding interesting as I can't remember what I've released in all the years.
In the coming months all the sleeve notes from the remasters will go up on the site and if you don't choose to buy the cd's at least you'll find out what actually did happen to me over the years. Some of you will wonder how I'm still here! :-)

There's a number of TV appearances coming up beginning with a return to Noddy's Electric Ladyland. I was asked back for the last prog after being voted one of the favourite guests. It's being filmed on Thursday in Manchester.
Another coup is an acting role in a new Channel 4 comedy, "The Young Persons Guide To Becoming A Rock Star" written by Brian Elsley who was not only at Dalkeith High School at the same time as me but was also my sister Laura's first boyfriend. Brian got in touch with me in 1991 regarding research for a comedy he was working on. He came to the Farm, I gave him some 'inside' info and promptly forgot about it. A few months back my agent heard about a new production and put me forward for a role. I read the script and walked into the audition and with a smile on my face told the director that if I didn't get the role I was going to sue them! My character is a 'retired' clichéd rock star who helps out a rising Scottish band by allowing them to record at his studios which are a state of the art complex built on a farm in Haddington where he lives with his German assistant who looks after his weight problems with a strict diet of 'mince and tatties'. To cap it all his name is Derek Trout!!!! Does this sound at all familiar?
It's pretty funny with my opening scene being where I'm out on the farm shooting sheep - who are eating my dope plants - with a grenade launcher!
There's also a sex scene where I bed my girl after some kinky stuff, painted blue, sporting heavy psychadelic face paint, wearing a loin cloth and a horned helmet singing songs about pixies! At one point it was suggested that Ulrika Jonnson was to play my partner but I think that's a non starter! Shame! :-)
It's a lot better than a homosexual bouncer don't you think?

I'm also up for a BBC drama in December and auditioned for a movie scheduled to be shot in January. It's a London gangster film and the script is impressive. I auditioned with a cockney accent and impressed enough to feel reasonably confident in at least being asked back for another reading. Crossed fingers!

Touring needless to say is far from my mind just now and the only bad news I have is that Roadrunner are scheduling Raingods for a March release. You think it's tough? I have to sit here knowing how good it is for another 6 months! :-)))))
This could mean two singles ahead of the album with parts of Plague.. on the b-sides as well as other material. At the start of the year I'll start feeding Mo with clips for the website so you'l get some idea.
RR want to make sure the project is developed correctly and want time to set it up to it's best advantage. This will suggest a Summer tour to promote the album! Don't ask!!! :-)
I still have two vocals to record and as the studio here is booked out I have to go to North Wales to finish the vocals before Calum Malcolm mixes it here in early October. Vocals should only take 2 days and the effects will be added to Plague while Elliot and I are there over 4 days. It'll make a change and one I'll have to get used to in the future once the farm is sold. (still waiting but there's movement)

That's about it for now. Just to end, I went to see Private Ryan tonight and was totally blown away (sic) I have never had 2 and a half hours go by so quickly while running me through a hurricane of emotion which at some times I forgot to breathe and had pins and needles in my hands from gripping the seat. They should show this movie to a far younger audience and teach them the truth at an early age. I hope John Wayne's spinning in his grave after Spielburg's myth deconstruction.
Hanks is magnificent and I forget he came to fame as a great comedy actor. The anti hero incarnate. Weakness and strength both played out to an amazing extent. I feel good tonight knowing that out there is a great artist who directs films because he loves to do what he does rather than in it for the money or pandering to accountants and executives who drool over Raiders of the Last Bank!
I am in total awe!

To finally finish - I hate to say this as I don't want to appear narcissistic, I was playing the Kettle CD all day on the PC and really getting off on it! I actually forgot it was me and I normally feel really uncomfortable hearing my music. A good sign!

Anyway I'm off to bed with James Ellroy and Sergeant Hopkins. Damn good read, better than the Starr report!! :-)

lots of love
Onkel Fish x

PS. Guys! Have you noticed your wives and girlfriends have all shown great interest in the Inquisitions? We just lost another loophole thanks to Bill C! From now on they'll just ask straight out "Did she give you a BJ or not, yes or no?" and get prepared for your own Paula Jones when the subject of the non sexual relationship you had with the girl in Chicago that 'guys away day' trip to see the Fish gig comes up!

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