Email 21st October 1998

Subject: Fish 98 - Tigers in Largs and Raingods with Blue Umbrellas! Releases and new merch list!

Dear Freaks, friends, fiends Companies and FWO,
Sorry about the lack of Fish content recently but I've been really busy with the TV work and interviews for the Kettle project.
Mo will be putting up the cover on the site in the next few days together with the entire lyric for "Plague of Ghosts".
In the coming weeks more sound clips will be added from RWZ and "Plague" will be added piece by piece in the coming months to give you an overview of what I consider my best work ever. I listened to it in it's entirity last night and I was blown away nearly to tears.
Elliot Ness and Calum Malcolm have done a brilliant job on the production and to make it even better the album isn't mastered yet.

The Channel 4 programme "A Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star" is on screen in mid November and my participation is in episode 5 scheduled for just before Christmas. It is hilarious though some of the more serious natured and fundamentalist fans may find I have gone too far in taking the piss out of myself. The haircut is my early 90's pre pony tail with an accentuated bald top!
The wig was attached to the short sides in existence with the shiny part shaved down further to give me a slightly gingeresque Rusty the Clown look. If seeing your hero firing a pump action 8 shot "cruiser" shot gun from a roof top of a large mansion bedecked in pirate flag at 'vermin' who are eating my roof top dope plantation upsets you - turn off!!
If watching your hero cavort around a bedroom that looks like a safari hunters nightmare dressed only in a tiger skin with accompanying head, chasing a beatiful woman on all fours who is dressed only in a lamb/baby goat outfit is your cup of tea - tune in!!
(My 'girlfriend' was played by Frankie Park, an ex model and author and girlfriend of old mate Nigel Planer, best known to most of you as Neil from the Young Ones!!)
The series is a hoot and I think will challenge 'Tutti Frutti' as the best ever comedy about Scottish musicians.
It was written by Brian Elsley who as some of you pointed out wrote the screenplay for "The Crow Road" and is currently working on the finishing touches to "Complicity", another Iain Banks book, for the Big Screen!!! :-)
I met Brian on set and we talked long about our days at Dalkeith High School in the 70's and how fate plays deft hands to some.
I'm really happy with my performance as was the director and all the other actors who were all brilliant to work with. As was pointed out by some there'll be a few more offers of comedy coming my way once this is screened. Fingers crossed!

I heard today that I've been offered a role in a movie being filmed in February next year in London. It's a modern gangster film with a great cast all of whom are waiting news of final funding which is expected in the next two months.
I'm still waiting on two other opportunities, one a movie, the other a big TV drama. Both are sceduled for December to early Feb!
With "Raingods with Zippos" in the can and awaiting mastering I can now spread my wings a bit and get to work on other projects.

I'm down in London for a VH1 programme with Tommy Vance on Wednesday - airing time unknown, and a series of radio interviews for the 'Kettle' album. October and early November will be spent getting the 'Haddington Tapes' and the Video compilation together as well as other Company items. (the calendar is a non starter due to expense of production! :-( )
I'm also working on a "cunning plan" which involves keeping the farm but getting rid off the studio and some land. If this works then no one will be happier than Tammi, Tara and I as when it comes down to it we love this place but don't need the full amount of space.
Offers on the studio are not in the range we require or feel are acceptable and if we sell short just to get out then we'll find it hard getting a place we need to support our needs on the other side. A lot depends on other people's acceptance of the idea but in the end the result could prove attractive to those involved in making decisions.
It'll take time and patience and quite a bit off compromise and in the end we still have a mountain to climb. The difference is that it's one mountain not a range!!

Radio Forth are going to offer me another show on their FM station and I'll decide on that in the coming weeks. I must admit to missing the rock show but this time I hope it'll be at a more friendly time ie not at 10- 3 am on a Sunday!!! :-)
Rules are still the same - freeplay!!
A lot however depends on my availability although Forth have said they are ok with pre records!

We are now taking orders for the remasters and the compilation video. Prices will be up on the site sometime soon when Mo has time but to give you an idea...
RR 001 Kettle Of Fish- NEW best of Fish. Single CD featuring Big Wedge, Just Good Friends, Brother 52, Chasing Miss Pretty (new song), Credo, Gentleman's Excuse Me, Goldfish and Clowns, Lady Let it Lie, Lucky, State of Mind, Mr Buttons (new song), Fortunes of War and Internal Exile. The first 30 000 on Roadrunner Records also have a free CD-ROM with 3 videos- Brother 52, Fortunes of War and Just Good Friends as well as album covers, info and details on the Roadrunner catalogue. This special release is available through the Co. Scotland while stock lasts and will not be available in the stores outside Europe. All tracks have been re-mastered by Calum Malcolm except for the Sunsets and Yin and Yang material.
Price UKP13 UK and UKP14 ex UK inc. postage
RR002 Internal Exile - NEW Remastered and repackaged second solo album from 91, includes 2 bonus tracks Carnival Man and Poet's Moon. Remastered by Calum Malcolm with extensive sleeve notes and photos. Price UKP13 UK and UKP14 ex UK inc. postage
RR003 Songs From the Mirror - NEW Remastered and repackaged third solo album from 93. The Cover version album with 2 bonus tracks The Seeker and Time and a Word as well as Fearless (Pink Floyd), I Know What I Like (Genesis), 5 Years (David Bowie), Hold Your Head Up (Argent) and Question (Moody Blues) amongst others. (Jeepster is not included on this version). Remastered by Calum Malcolm and again with extensive sleeve notes and photos. Price UKP13 UK and UKP14 ex UK inc postage
RR004 Suits - NEW Remastered and repackaged fourth solo album from 94 with 2 bonus tracks Black Canal and Out of My Life. Remastered by Calum Malcolm and featuring extensive sleeve notes and photos. Price UKP13 UK and UKP14 ex UK inc postage

The other Roadrunner titles will be available once the Dick Bros stock is sold out as the track listings etc are the same apart from Sunsets on Empire which has Do Not Walk Outside This Area as a bonus track. The mastering is as the original '97 release by Bob Ludwig.
FS001 Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors - Dick Bros 28CD. Remastered and repackaged first solo album with 5 bonus tracks, Jack and Jill, Internal Exile (89), The Company (demo), Whiplash and A Gentleman's Excuse Me (Demo). Remastered by Calum Malcolm and featuring extensive sleeve notes and photos. This is the same as the RR release and as with all the other albums below will be deleted as a Dick Bros title when stock is sold out. Price UKP12 UK and UKP13 ex UK inc postage
FS002 Sunsets On Empire Limited Edition Dick Bros 26CD as Digipak with Interview CD. '97 album mastered by Bob Ludwig and produced by Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree) the acclaimed 5th solo album. Price UKP10 UK and UKP11 ex UK inc postage
****NEW**** AVAILABLE FROM END OF NOVEMBER 98*** ORDERS BEING TAKEN NOW *** THE LONG AWAITED VIDEO COMPILATION **** KETTLE OF FISH - THE VIDEOS ***** featuring State of Mind, Big Wedge, Internal Exile, Credo, A Gentleman's Excuse Me, Lady Let It Lie, Fortunes of War, Just Good Friends, Brother 52, Hold Your Head Up and Shortcut to Somewhere (With Tony Banks)
FS034 Kettle of Fish - The Video Collection - Price UKP15 UK PAL format. UKP16 ex-UK NTSC Format

FS025 Misplaced Childhood - EMI remastered album with extra CD containing demos and B-sides of the 85 album. NOW AVAILABLE Price UKP13 UK and UKP14 ex UK inc postage

Details on how to order will be on the Website as always - please note that all cheques etc should be sent to Fish Information Services rather than Dick Bros Records

This is only a part of the vastly changed merch list which has discounts and special offers to coincide with the label closing down!
Check out the site in the coming week for details!

That's all for the moment but I'll be back soon with more news, GLR radio (London) at 10am on Sunday 1st November for an interview with Sean Hughes! :-)

Hear you soon
Onkel Fish x

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