Email 26th October 1998

Subject: Re: Promo Offer on the new Merchandise List

At 13:45 26/10/98, Adrian wrote:
>Firstly, apologies for being picky and sounding a complete Fish anorak, but...
>The offer on the new merchandise list mentions DDICK8 as a promo with
>Fortunes Of War (2 versions) and Emperor's Song ... I thought DDICK8 was a
>promo with just 3 versions of Fortunes (you very kindly sent me a copy a
>while ago).
>I thought DDICK9 was the promo CD with FOE and Emperor's on it ?
>I'm hoping it's DDICK9 on offer as that's the one I've been hunting for.
>Also, in reply to my order, you mentioned that DDICK5 No Dummy was never a
>CD ... so is it a 7" white label vinyl (and were there 2 versions as
>mentioned in one of your discography's) that you may have a few copies
>coming into stock soon ? (If so PLEASE keep me one to complete my Dick
>Brothers collection).
>All the best ... looking forward to Kettle and the remasters !
>Right, anorak off, back to work,

Dear Adrian,
I bow down to your vast knowledge of my catalogue and humbly apologise for this oversight. Yes, you are quite right DDICK8CD was 3 versions of "Fortunes of War", a radio edit at 3.35, a single edit at 5.06 and a live version at 6.31. There was also a DDICK9CD manufactured in Germany by Intercord with "Emperors Song" and "Fortunes of War".
I got mixed up when putting the merch list together and the boxes I found were marked 8CD but had 9CD inside.
You'll be pleased to know I have about 9 of the CD9 left one of which is marked for you! :-)

The offer on the list will stand for the DDICK8CD after the 9CD's are away. The history was that Intercord were unsure of what to go for as a single and went to radio with the promo to see which one the DJ's would prefer. In the UK "Fortunes" was nominated from the start but as there was that Boxed set around the title it was more practical to have a 3 track disc to send to stations. Needless to say the result in Germany was that neither track got much play and it was decided to forego a second single campaign.

"No Dummy" was released on a White Label 12" as a Club Promo only and was never available to retail.
I'm still trying to trace the remaining stock and once I find some they will be available as a free item with exceptional orders placed from the merch list.

Other good news is that The Krakow Electric Video is once again available in a few weeks as stock is being returned from our UK distributors Pinnacle as the Dick Bros label closes down.
As we go through the cupboards I'm sure more rarities will be unearthed and will be put up on offer in the coming months.
Thanks again Adrian for putting the record straight and for any of you completists out there please specify which of the promos you want. Obviously this will last as long as stock exists.

all the best
Onkel Fish x

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