Email 31st October 1998

Subject: Fish 98 - VH1 and other media spills, Channel 4 dates and other news and info!

Dear Freaks, friends, fans, FWO and Company,
Back again after yet another foray into the wonderful world of promo!
Just to let you know that the GLR interview with Sean Hughes has been put back from the intended date of November 1st. It could be next week but I'll let you know ASAP.
The VH1 interview with Tommy Vance is transmitted on Friday 6th November and it'd be appreciated if you could drop him an e after the show is aired just to thank him!
"The Young Persons Guide to Becoming a Rock Star" starts on November 10th with my episode (5) going out on December 8th.
I was at the launch party last week in London and had a ball!! :-) There was a lot of media interest all of which I am spinning through my releases on including a small interview with "The Big Breakfast Show" which goes out on the day of the first prog (I think).
They've promised to give me another slot nearer my episode! If you see me on the ID's I did for the show you probably might think that my acting is wonderful but I have to say I really was that drunk by that time! :-) It's very funny! (if it ever gets aired)
I saw the first 2 progs at the launch and the series looks like being a hit! It is an hilarious send up!

Saw Lucy J on Thursday and played her "Plague of Ghosts" as well as talking about the "Clutching" remasters. Seems there is some stuff from Dalnaglar Castle that made tape.!! :-) Ask Lucy about "Plague.."!!

As well as local radio interviews I also met up with Tony Wilson (former Radio 1 Rock Show producer) who is now working on setting up a MW station along side his satellite radio station "Rock Radio Network". Station DJ's include Tommy Vance, Bruce Dickinson, Krusher Joules amongst others and Tony has asked me to do a slot sometime. This station is well worth supporting as we all know too well that rock radio in the UK is bordering on the pathetic. You can find the station on your sat by turning to one of the audio channels on Sky Box Office 4 any day of the week after 6. They want to get a 24-hour Rock Station into the air so tune in and drop an e to the guys. I'll get the full addresses for their web site and the e address in the next few days unless someone out there already can give the tuning and e details.

Couple of other things while I'm here -
Anybody who wants the track "Do Not Walk Outside This Area" and doesn't want to buy another copy of "Sunsets.." can get the song on the B-side of "Brother 52". Although the singles have been removed from the merchandise list if you order any album you can get the single free. Just remember and specify which one you want.
Someone asked for "Big Wedge" as their choice of single! Sorry! The only singles given away are Dick Bros titles!
BTW, our Scottish CD's play on International machines! Someone did genuinely ask!!! :-)

There was a question on the lyric of "Do Not Walk....". All I'll say is next time you get on an aeroplane check out the upper surface of the wings!!

I also must admit something before the flak hits home. The RR version of "Sunsets .." is not a remaster as such. Although there is a bonus track the mastering is Bob Ludwig's brilliant work and I saw no need to change. The cover was inadvertently left as the other studio titles and indicates that there has been a major overhaul. Sorry about the confusion to those who already have the title.

Some of you are still looking for the remaining CDs for the "Fortunes of War" box set released in 94. I have a few copies of the single discs left and I'll give them free with any order for an album. Again specify the CD single you are missing!

Looks like Steve Wilson's new "Porcupine Tree" album is out on a Major Indy at the same time as "Raingods" and the "Clutching" remaster. Could be fun!!! I'm still waiting on an official release date for "Raingods". It's driving me nuts!! Longest foreplay on an album ever!!! :-)

The CD-ROM given away free with "Kettle of Fish" will NOT be available in the States and I am still awaiting a release date for the catalogue from RR USA (and the Rest of the World). The news from Company members and Freaks is great. At last I have CDs available widely in stores. However there are bound to be glitches so please, if you have trouble finding any titles either contact me or RR in your country. They want feedback!!

On the subject of feedback if you think that "Chasing Miss Pretty" is a potential single drop Bob Vos a line at RR Holland. You can get him at bvos at! RR are still unsure but a short e to Bob may help push the possibility of a release which I'm sure would help the cause. I personally think it's worth a shot as a promo try-out at least. It's always going to be tough to get a hit but if RR know they have a working fan base out there they may reconsider. There will definitely be singles from "Raingods".

Mark Palmer at RR UK wants feedback on stores as well with the "Kettle" project due out on November 9th here. I mentioned before that he is offering posters to fans (details on the web site) but he can only deal with the UK fans. Other territories in Europe should still e him and he'll pass the names on to the International RR offices there. Regret to say that the US fans will have to wait on their moment of glory but after receiving the e's I have done in recent days the campaign there is not wanting for volunteers. Thanks!

The fanzine will be posted on Monday and should be with the UK fans on Wednesday and the International fans by late next week.
A full merch list is included and the news-sheet is also on it's way as I type this. Mum and Dad were at the farm today stuffing the envelopes and helping Tammi with the huge mail out. Please don't e me as to when/how/if etc. your merch orders are coming. It clogs up my e mail and means I have to spend ages answering. If an order comes in I acknowledge and give the paperwork to Tammi. The RR titles arrived on Thursday and the EMI stuff today. Tammi will be slaving away for the next week getting the packages together so don't worry, the situation is in hand.
Remember the Video compilation won't be ready till late November so please don't keep e'ing us about delivery.
I don't want to ignore you but please understand the mail here is heavy to say the least. We will deal with your orders as fast as we can.

Anyway it's Saturday night and Hibs won again so I'm happy! Top of the league again!
The PC will be left to chill out for a while and I'll retire to the TV room and a widescreen copy of "Das Boot" (German version, Directors cut).
Sunday is an office day for me and a merch day for Tammi! Whatever happened to weekends?

Hear you again soon Droogs!
Have a great weekend, lots of love
Onkel Fish x

Subject: Fwd: Kettle of Fish review attention Phil Alexander from Fish

>Date: Sat, 31st October 1998
>From: Fish (fish at
>Subject: Kettle of Fish review attention Phil Alexander from Fish
>Dear Phil,
>Disappointed to read the "Kettle of Fish" review in your recent mag. We've known each other for a while and you are well aware I can take flak as well as the next muso.
>However the review was wholly inaccurate and not representative of the album.
>There are two new tracks on the album with all the tracks apart from the material from "Sunsets on Empire" remastered by Calum Malcolm. On top of that there is a free CD-ROM with the Limited Edition Kettle album featuring 3 videos and a host of other information.
>Your reviewer "forgot" to mention any of this and implied that the existing fans weren't getting anything different.
>"As such, 'Kettle Of Fish' is a bit of a pointless endeavour. Featuring
>tracks from each of his solo albums, fans of the artist formerly known as
>Derek Dick will already own the songs contained herein, and the uninitiated
>are unlikely to be tempted by 70 minutes of middle-of-the-road meanderings
>and some nice packaging.
>With no new songs and nary a remix or live rendition in sight, 'Kettle Of
>Fish' is the wrong side of redundant, and therefore should be avoided like a
>Boyzone concert. (2 out of 5)"
>Opinions are fair enough but I don't take kindly to outright misrepresentation.
>I have a strong relationship with my fans and have always tried to provide releases that are good value for money and great quality.
>Your journalist omitted to mention any of the above and in doing so has shed a very bad light on the project and my reputation.
>I trust you'll get this sorted out and remind your scribe to pay a bit more attention to the albums he has to review in future.
>best regards

Subject: Kerrang changes addresses!

Dear Guys,
Just to let you know in case you were wondering if my e did go through to Kerrang - yes!
They must have changed addresses in anticipation of the "nice" napalm!!! :-)
They can be "got at" at kerrang at *.com - home of Q, BTW!!
Be nice if you feel the need to have a go. Just point out the obvious. Phil is going to make someone's life really shitty on Monday!!! :-)

Onkel x

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