Email 7th November 98

Subject: Fish 98 - Jeepster, Sushi remaster etc

Dear Freaks, friends, FWO and Company members,

Happy Saturday to you all! Crap day yesterday as I had a meeting with a council official re planning ideas for the area round the house. They didn't like my cunning plan so I spent all last night curled round a bottle of wine unwrapping another angle on survival!
Headache wasn't too bad considering I met Uncle Jack for the first in a long time.

Ok , your questions. I really didn't like, in retrospect, the version of "Jeepster" on "Songs from the Mirror" always preferring the live rendition as available on "Sushi" which is remastered by Calum Malcolm but has no bonus tracks as mentioned on the sleeve! RR have been told.
In the USA record companies and the publishers have an agreement whereas only 10 songs are used per album to divvy up the Mechanical Royalties and so much must be paid for a track. After 10 songs the artist must pay the writers involved which means that if the album is written by others the album artist has to pay them the monies due above the publishing money available from the mechanical allowances.There is only so much money allocated to Mechanicals and a payment is agreed as a minimum payment per track. Still with me?
This would mean for example that on SFTM 11 tracks would nescessitate me paying the extra publishing from my record royalties.
I decided to drop "Jeepster" in favour of "Time and a Word" and "The Seeker" which are TBH more in tune with the American market with both Yes and the Who a lot better known than T Rex!

The publishing in the USA isn't paid on 100 per cent of the Dealer/wholesale price rather it's calculated on about 75 per cent of that figure. This is only a very simplified version of the arrangement but it'll give you an idea of where it's at. I must admit to being not totally knowledgeable on the rules as the US is very different to Europe on this issue.

The US arrangement isn't a great deal for the writers but that's how the States has dealt with this for years which is a reason maybe why US prices are cheaper!! :-)

Re Steve Howe and "Time and a Word". Steve has always loved this song and my then manager Brian Lane told me that Steve had always wanted to play it on record as it was one of his favourite Yes songs. He told me when at the studio that he always wished he'd written it.

Dumbest idea of the week - renaming the Freaks!!! I take it that it was a joke - without the funny bit at the end!

Sorry about the wrong info on VH1. Not my fault. Tommy told me it was scheduled for yesterday night. It's definetely next week. 13th. I'll be in Amsterdam as it's Tammi's birthday and time for Onkel to get some brownie points! A weekend of light-headed romance!

Merlin read my Tarot today on the phone - things are looking good! :-)

Have a great weekend
Onkel Fish x

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