Email 7th December 1998

Subject: Fish 98 - SAS, T-s, vids and other stuff!

Dear Freaks, friends, FWO and the Company,
Late news - Talked to Spike today who just got back from Australia and Brian May's tour!
Dates are confirmed for Friday 11th and Saturday 12th at The Chiddingfold Club, Woodside Road, Chiddingfold in Surrey for the SAS christmas shows. Tickets are 17UKP and can be ordered from Laura Musko or Darren Stevens at 01428 682949 or from Jill Davis at 0181 761 6626. They can provide directions to the gig and other details (the nearest station is Haslemere).
Friday is Spike's birthday and as expected from such an audicious occasion the Host are gathering for 2 nights of mayhem in Surrey.
Already confirmed are Chris Thomson (Manfred Mann E/band), Mark Shaw (Then Jericho), Paul Young (Mike and the Mechanics), Tony Hadleigh (Spandau Ballet) The "Fabba's" Brian M's backing vocalists (rather Nice!) and the usual entourage of Rock and Roll deviants associated with these soirees. Saturday is a must for Queen fans as a certain guitarist is appearing under a pseudonym!!!:-)
I wouldn't be at all surprised if there are some other "faces" down there as in that neck of the woods lives Paul Young's "boss" amongst others! The Christmas bashes are always memorable and so if you're free Saturday or Friday you should mark your social calendar. Be quick cos it's a smallish hall!

The Kettle video arrives tomorrow in NTSC and PAL formats and Tammi will be working overtime to hit the post for Santa's sleigh.
The T-shirts arrived today and are honestly brilliant! Best ones we've had for a long time. We have them in xL so if you're ordering please specify XL or the Fish size!!

The Haddington tapes are being mastered this week but as the Xmas rush is on we are holding back for release in second week of January together with the German convention video.
The bad news on Haddington is that the last ADAT wasn't formatted correctly so I'm missing Internal Exile and the Company!!! :-((((((((((( Also the medley finishes with Squeek's drum solo as the engineer (not Andy Williamsom BTW) didn't act fast enough to change reels!!!!!! :-(((((((( The rest is there in all it's splendour!!:-)
The recordings are great (mixed by Elliot Ness and mastered by Calum Malcolm) though with yours truly having a few anxious moments with his top range on Heart of Lothian!!
The energy is brilliant and the feel of the band with Frankie Usher in for the first in a long time is spot on.
To make up for the missing tracks I've gone for a selection of the tracks we played on the Pub crawl including Change of Heart, Internal Exile, the Company, Somebody Special and a couple of others to bring the CDs up to maximum content of over 145 minutes across the two discs. The Pub set is from a stereo vid source.
This will be a limited edition (3000) all individually numbered (same as Fishhead Curry) and are priced at UKP15 UK and UKP16 ex-UK including Post and Packaging for non members. Company members (anywhere) can get a discount of UKP2 on these titles!!

The German convention video will also be mastered by Calum and contains the entire show, 2 hours and fifteen minutes or so including the first live versions of Chasing Miss Pretty and Mr Buttons. It's a stunning "official bootleg" video shot only on one camera with a desk sound source. There will be only 2000 numbered copies of this and 1000 are already pledged to the German fan club. As the tape is so long (and heavy Mr Postman!) and the run limited (500 are NTSC BTW) which means mastering, session fees, studio time and print and production costs are higher this will be slightly more expensive than the Kettle video at UKP16 UK and UKP18 ex-UK including Post and packaging. However once again Company members worldwide will get a discount of UKP2 per video on this! There's also a contribution from the vid to the Company Germany BTW!

It doesn't take a mathematician to work out that anyone who has already got the Kettle video and is going to get the Haddy tapes and German video has just got their membership for "free" with their merchandise order!!!
There will be more offers next year!

Thanks to Renata Piwko and Grzegorz Wolny in Poland it seems that I've finally got the rights to the TV concert from the 97 tour which includes an absolutely brilliant version of Goldfish and Clowns (potential VH1 clip) as well as the entire show from that tour. This won't be released till around February/March 99. Details will follow as soon as we have them.
This is a 9 camera shoot in a near medieaval city square in the pouring rain!!! Apt!
It's without doubt the best TV shoot I've ever been part of and Polish TV did a wonderful job of catching the atmosphere and a great performance from that tour of tours!

Raingods with Zippos is now mastered!! :-)))))))))))))))))))
I'll be sending sound clips to Mo this week to add to the web site. With luck (and Mo's schedule allowing) 12 clips will be up by January together with the artwork. The photo for the front cover was taken on Friday by David Darling, a Scottish photographer who took a number of shots from the Sunsets album. Mark Wilkinson is playing about with them on his Apple this week so the finished cover should be ready for end of next! I'm very pleased!

ITV2 starts tonight in the UK. Keep your eyes out for Bob Mill's football Quiz programme "Taking the Pitch" in the coming weeks. I'm on 2 this year. Also on another footy programme "Offside" on Scottish Television on December 20th. TBC as far as scheduling goes.
Tomorrow is the "Rock Star" programme (Hi Rob!! :-). Waiting on the critics waiting....... :-)

The studio equipment is leaving the building as we speak in dribs and drabs and boxes. Strange sight. Some people have asked me if it's not a sad sight. Got to be joking!!!! :-)
Sign of the times and a reminder that I'm getting my life back.
Any Musos out there who want are interested in the gear drop me an e and I'll send a fax of the stuff we have!

The Tyneside Tavern in Haddington is now nearly finished being redecorated and Kenny Graham is planning on getting a guest book for visitors. Don't forget to ask if you visit!
As for the Companies worldwide. If you'd like to dedicate a small plaque with a dedication Kenny is planning to have a wall with messages and photos of Co. members and organisations! It would be cool to get your company on the Tynie wall! Lyrics from the song are on the beams in the public bar and I'll be presenting a Company Scotland plaque in the next month to celebrate the ordination!
The official ceremony will be at the next convention.

That's all for now, thanks again to the many of you who posted privately to me in recent days. Sorry I couldn't answer all of you. I will soon! :-)

all the best
Onkel Fish x

ps. I forgot to add that RoadRunner USA are holding back the release of the catalogue until at least February.
Raingods will be a worldwide simultaneous release but the catalogue although destined to come out is subject to decision. I think it will be very late Feb and possibly coinciding with the RWZ release.
They don't seem concerned at all about the European releases of the catalogue so if you're waiting on the US cat release don't hold your breath too long.
We have them all here BTW and the Kettle CD-ROM is still available.

I wear socks with sandals otherwise everything under 4 feet dies in high summer!
I also prefer Minis to gas guzzlers and am a Hibeee! Square go? :-)

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