Email 8th January 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - First Footing!! The Release dates for RWZ

Dear Freaks, friends, fans, Company Members and FWO,
First of all a very Happy New Year to you all! I would have liked to have been more active on the list over Hogmaney but my server decided for no known reason to man nor beast nor themselves to shut me down. I think it was the wife that authorised it!
It gives me the greatest pleasure to announce as my first post of 99 to tell you that "Raingods With Zippos" will be released simultaneously worldwide on week beginning April 19th. The USA have agreed to release on the 20th and give me for the first time since "Clutching at Straws" a world co-ordinated release. To say I'm pleased is a massive understatement. With "Kettle..." coming out in the USA on Jan 26th and RWZ on April 20th the catalogue will be put back till the American tour this Summer allowing a profile build across a 10 month period. Jim Pitulski has been artificial in getting this together and we're getting a great vibe from all quarters on this.
It transpires that Jamie Roberts the head of Publicity at RR USA is a huge fan and has all the catalogue already!!! :-) She's a great gal and we're setting up press already for next week. She's heard nothing but praise for the last tour and missed it herself only through lack of knowledge of the show.

The first single in Europe will be "Incomplete" a duet with co-writer Elisabeth Antwi who along wih fellow co-writer Doug Millett has given permission to use the demo from the Castle Marouatte session as one of the other 2 tracks on the single. The other will be an acoustic version of the last piece of "Plague of Ghosts", "Wake Up Call".
This will be released on 22nd February.

Coinciding with the single release will be 3 dates in Holland and Belgium as playback sessions for the album. The first is in Utrecht on the 19th Feb, the second in Groeningen on the 20th and the last in the Biebop Club in Vossellaar, near Brussels in Belgium on the 21st. Details can be got from either Jolanda at the Co. Holland or Alex at the Co. Belgium. Addresses from the top of the page or through the web site. There will probably be a Scottish contingent there!!! :-)
There will obviously be a lot more happening around the release as RR's promo machine gears up and with the tour being booked for mid May on there will be major activity all over Europe and Scandinavia.

Video has yet to be planned for the single but with the date pushed back to April I feel more comfortable with the set up of the album and the possibility of launching with 2 singles ahead of RWZ could be a possibility and a certainty if "Incomplete" makes a mark in the charts. It's the best chance I've had with a song for a long time and as I've said before with the expertise of RR behind me there's no reason why the single shouldn't be the biggest solo hit since "Big Wedge" !! :-)

Mark Wikinson has already completed the artwork which is taken from the RWZ project.

The artwork for the album is still under discussion as the sleeve we planned, a 24 full color extravaganza is causing technical and logistical problems and may have to be changed to accomodate certain territories.RR and I are still working on this and Mark may have to redesign the booklet should the difficulties prove insurmountable.

With all the rush around the RWZ release I've not had time to work as much as I would have liked on the "Haddy tapes" or the German Convention video which means that release on these have to be put back to the beginning of February.
I apologise for this but one of the reasons is that the artist who is putting the sleeves together has just become a proud father. The artist is none other than Mr Bass himself Steve "Bubbles" Vantsis who's girlfriend Helen gave birth to a boy early on this evenung in Simpson'e maternity hospital Edinburgh.
His name is "Dunno"! Steve and Helen were so convinced it was a girl they didn't bother to think of a boy's name!!!!! :-))

Lucy will be bringing you the news on the EMI stuff soon but I've heard the "Missing tracks" and I must admit to being really surprised at how good these demos sounded after all those years. Once Lucy has announced her plans I'll elaborate.

Thanks very much Mr Weird head at Pc Windows for your fire breathing demonstration BTW.

The reunion thing which has cropped up again like crabs on a tour bus does not need to be gone into although I loved the "who goes first" analysis! :-)
There's no point in wasting good drool on this as it's blatantly obvious from the above that I'm too busy!
BTW while we're on the subject of first's -
I thought basketball was invented in Indiana. Canoing was on the go before Canada was invented, the Scots invented golf and curling and football and rugby as I can fondly remember games outside Carlisle castle in the early 12th century between Scotland and England. (we lost then too!). Lacrosse was a native American game and oh yes the English definitely invented cricket!! :-) Pity they forgot how to play it!!! :-)))))))
The Scots would have invented water skiing but we couldn't find a loch with a slope!

That's it for the moment. There's other stuff but I'm tired and it's late. More in the next few days including news from Lucy and Jeroen. Great to have made it through 98 and 99 is kicking off just nicely thankyou!

Hear you soon
all the best and lots of love

Onkel Fish x :-)

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