Email 11th January 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - The remasters, USA and other stories.

Dear Freaks, friends, fans, The Company and FWO,
A busy weekend! Hibs v St Mirren at Love Street (only Scottish Football stadium to sound like a Bruce Springsteen lyric), 2-1 to the Hibees leaves us 11 points clear at the top of the Division and near certainties to go up! On top of that I was invited to be a special guest on the most listened to programme on BBC Scotland, "On The Ball", a witty and irreverent look at the game which went out pre and post match, yours truly hi jacking taxis to get to the latter on time! Funny ain't it? You write all those songs and spend all your time promoting your music career but one football radio programme and everyone notices you at the match? Go figure! I've had more reaction to the recent radio work and the Channel 4 acting than I've had for years.
Add to that, today's wee visit to the McCauley show, again on BBC Scotland, where I was on for an hour as the Edinburgh end of the biggest morning show on radio in Scotland discussing aquariums, exaggerations in the form of "ones that got away" stories and other fishy related subjects. It was nice to be introduced as "Pop Star and actor" rather than as an "ex...."!! :-)

At last the digest accepted my post! I thought it was because I signed off with 3 kisses and the filters thought it was a Triple x adult orientated post!! :-)

The releases are on with the only hassle for the American fans being the remasters will be held back to August. The choice was go with the simultaneous release of RWZ and allow RR USA to benefit and us to capitalise on the sales or go for the catalogue. I decided the implication of having an album free from the drain of imports was the best way to go. This means there will be no confusion as to what is the new album at retail and RWZ can fly off the back of the Kettle release on Jan 26th. I know this is a long wait but I remind you that we have the remasters and catalogue available on mail order here and any support you can give us directly is appreciated.

Thanks for getting me to the top of the pile on the CDNow artist of 98 poll! If only for an instant. I agree with some of you who've said that blanket and multiple voting is a wee bit unfair and, as has been reported, the backlash in the integrity stakes can do damage later on in the game. But I agree totally with multiple phone calls to radio stations to get plays!! :-)))))  Once "Incomplete" is released and I get an idea of stations who are supporting it then I'll post the contacts to further the cause and any calls will be adding to the buzz! Reactions to plays are always going to get a more positive response generally than blind calls for requests although any support from any source and in any manner is welcome.

I really loved the Vogon poetry outbreak on the list. It was heartwarming to know that Freaks are able to communicate freely in the language of other cultures!! :-) I was moved to tears with the fourth one entitled "Fg djjuugerrdBgst". A fascinating observation on life as a canal boatman on Mars with the added complexity of existing in a totally asexual relationship and coming to terms with the malfunction and eventual disintegration of your closest clone. Tough subject, well handled!

That's all for now folks! I'm off to demolish a barn!

Lots of Love
Onkel Fish (three kisses!!)

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