Email 14th January 1999

Subject: Remasters offer plus news on Haddy tapes and Video

Dear Freaks, Friends, Fans, The Company and FWO,

Glad to see things are getting back to order and the speaking in tongues has stopped!

I've been thinking about the problem with the remasters coming out in August in America and I know many of you have been holding off in order to get the domestic prices rather than the UK ones, which are tough at the moment due to strong Sterling! I still have a pile of remasters off "Suits", "Songs From The Mirror" and "Internal Exile" as well as the "Kettle of Fish" limited with the CD ROM. As an offer to you guys who either have to buy on expensive import or mail order, I'd like to offer a free USA tour shirt or Kippas T-shirt if you buy any 3 titles. The free singles offer still stands as well. I know some of the Europeans will be raising eyebrows at this but with the remasters going back to August at my request in order to favour the Raingods album, I felt that I should provide a wee bit comfort and leeway to our brothers and sisters from the other continent.

To help pacify, the offer is open to anyone and if someone has a problem having already purchased all the remasters then get in touch with me direct and I'll try and sort something out for you!

The offer is only for the titles above as these are the only RR ones I have in stock. I've already paid RR for these titles so you'll be helping clear the shelves for the RWZ project! :-)

The single "Incomplete" is moved back to March 1st to enable a cleaner set up at radio. Tracks will be "Incomplete" - album version, "Wake Up Call" acoustic version (part 6 of Plague of Ghosts) and "Incomplete" Castle Marouatte demo featuring Elisabeth Antwi and other co writer Doug Millett. The cover is by Mark Wilkinson and Calum is mastering the single today!

With all this traffic at the moment I have to move the Haddy tapes and the German video to delivery at the end of February!!!  :-(((   I'm just so busy with all this RWZ stuff and, with the promo coming in strong and hard, I'd rather play safe than put it back again!! Calum is so busy with the Blue Nile album that he's been unable to master the Haddy tapes till this week. Steve Vantsis is in Dad mode, with new and now named son Calvin, so he is behind with the cover. To add to the problem, I played the acoustic sessions from the pubs next to the main gig recorded on multi track and I decided to leave those tracks off as the quality is not nearly as good and doesn't sound compatible with the set from the Corn Exchange. It would drag the project down rather than add to it.

The Raingods sleeve will be added to the site bit by bit over the coming weeks as will be excerpts from the album which Tom Pickel is putting on MP3 files and distributing to the various company sites (thanks Tom).

The artwork Mark Wilkinson and I planned involves a 24 page full colour booklet which, on delivery to RR, caused some concern due to the expense of production. Neither of us could afford to go with this sleeve design as RR are putting their resources behind the promotion and marketing and I couldn't afford to subsidise the full artwork printing from my royalties. The artwork on the sleeve will be color but the booklet will be black and white inside (16 pages) in order to accomodate the lyrics. As the full artwork is already set up I've decided to print and offer the de luxe booklet to fans in the following way. 

Any "Raingods with Zippos" CDs bought directly from us will have the 24 page full-colour inserted and autographed while those of you who buy the album in a retail outlet will have the chance to get the 24 pager free with any merch order over 10 pounds sterling. There will be new merch by that time including RWZ Ts and other material including the famous Polish 97 video from TV Poland. The booklet is expensive and this solution allows a compromise to both RR and myself while supplying a superb piece of autographed artwork on the booklet to those who welcome something more than the standard insert in CDs nowadays.

I would have preferred all the CDs to have the 24 page color booklet but this would have meant production problems in certain territories and, as I have already vetoed bonus tracks and limited editions of RWZ, to go with different artwork on some production runs and not on others would create the same confusion. This seems the best option to go with and TBH it benefits the mail order business, which we rely on to keep ourselves together on a week by week basis, whilst at the same time introducing new fans to the web site and the historical material.

On another Company related topic there will be a new Company Spain forming in the coming weeks. Rob C and the Web are helping spread the word on this through their Spanish set up but anyone interested can contact Xavi  or as he's known officially F. Xavier San Antonio Gonzalez dhiran at and drop him an e so he can contact you with details. I'm glad that at last there will be a Spanish language site to compliment our already international and multi-lingual set up!

Just to end with a positive note here's an initial reaction from Harry Brinks  from the Company Holland to a review copy I sent out as the first of the promos being sent to the Companies!

"Last Monday I received a copy of the Raingods album from Jolanda. I've listened to it a couple of times now and I can only come to one conclusion: this is definitely your best album yet, even better then Sunsets and Vigil (my two favourite Fish-albums until last Monday). The Raingods album really is a masterpiece and I enjoy every minute of it. This isn't music anymore, this is art!"  Harry Brinks

All the best and lots of love

Onkel Fish (three kisses!)

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