Email 28th January 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - Band Line up, touring, Clutching Re-Masters

Dear Freaks, friends, fans, The Company and FWO,
Well just as you're reeling from the 'discovery' of the 'Missing album' (as I was TBH!!) I have some more surprises for you!

As you know I decided to change the band around for this tour and was only waiting on Robin to find out his movements before I announced the line up. Robin Boult has been working constantly for Howard Jones the past year and as HJ's star ascends his touring schedule is now into the Summer with a proposed 3 month run in the USA with the reformed Go-Gos. Although this tour is not confirmed Robin has decided to stay with Howard although he could have done the first part of mine but this would have left me with having to find a replacement if Howard confirmed his dates. I elected to go for continuity on the tour and as such am proud to announce that John Wesley will be my guitarist on the Raingods tour.
I talked with Wes tonight and he is highly confident that he can handle the set that I've proposed. Having heard the "Emperor Falls" I know he will fit in well with the new curve and we'll be starting rehearsals here at the farm in April for the first dates in early May.
The Keyboard player will be Tony Turrell who was the main contributor of keyboards on the RWZ album and who is ecstatic at joining the band. Drums and Bass remain unchanged with Dave 'Squeeky' Stewart and Steve Vantsis holding their respective positions. There will be a female backing vocalist but that position is still in the 'discovery' process with a number of options available.
The set list is very different and I know Yatta will go spare as it's at the 2 hour mark already without the 'Fishy' stand up routines included!!
(That'll be 2 and a half hours then!! :-)

There are 3 medley sections proposed at the moment although medley is a loose term for one of the sections and another is involves 3 songs! The BV will be used throughout the show and every number proposed has a major part for her. John's vocal talents will also be used providing me with a back up and depth I've not had for a while on tour!
Please don't e me with questions on the set or dates as all will be let loose when it's confirmed and locked in!
I'll have more news in the coming weeks as their are a lot of variables out there at the moment! :-))))

It was strange to get the CD from Lucy of the proposed second "Clutching" album. I didn't realise there was so much material hanging around and as you know I have denied the existance of a missing album for years. The vaults opened and what you have is a series of demos which if we'd been given the time in 88 would surely have metamorphosised into a killer album.
They are flawed and I still hold the same opinions as I held back then on the arrangements and basic structures. There are some 'bitty' pieces but had we been given the space we needed back then and the pressure taken off the delivery of the CAS follow up then I think we would have all been able to see the creative light ands a different approach would have provuded the album everyone wanted at the time.
However it was not to be and the result is as was written in the History books.
This album is enlightening as the creative process that was the band is open for all to see.
The fusion of the "Vigil" and in places "Exile" and "Suits" lyrics together with the "Seasons End" and other post 88 Marillion material is more than interesting , it's fascinating!!
"Family Business" in a different groove is "Story From A Thin Wall", "Shadow on the Barley" and "Tic Tac Toe" are pretty much new apart from the "State of Mind" lyric excerpts on the latter while the others you can make out from the titles. There's a lot of U2 influences in the guitars while I have obviously been listening to a lot of Van Morrison!!
There will be a call for "proper" recordings of this material and I for one would consider finishing some of these pieces if just to finish the process that was started. By that I don't mean as a Marillion project before anyone asks!!! :-))
I don't want to go into any more detail as the surprise is yours! First time you here this album you'll be wide-eyed, I promise!!!

At the moment the promo is coming in thick and fast! The USA has put the Kettle on and it's starting to bubble nicely! RWZ is with the fan clubs and excerpts will be on various sites in the coming weeks!
The Haddy tapes arrived mastered from Calum along with the German video and they sound brilliant.
Now to production!! :-)

"Picture House" are in town on Sunday supporting the Coors so I'll be on the tiles with them this weekend after the Hibs match (Top of the League!!). They sometimes do "Solsbury Hill" in the set!!! :-)

The barn is falling and my chainsaw was red hot last week as I cut the roof off!! That and being King Louie in the Leyland Cypress, hanging 20 feet up cutting my way along a hedge, was a kick and a half!! I spend 3 hours a day either in the garden or demolishing these days and with the 4 hours of Footy a week and gym I'm getting a shape other than that of a hairless womble! BTW anyone out there got any contact for vegetable seeds or trees!? :-))))

Just got ISDN in the office so I better start practising my on-line Quake (Hiya Don!!! :-)
Destroy!! destroy!! - oops ! Forgot I'm supposed to be the Doc!! :-)

More news soon
lots of love
Onkel Fish x

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