Email 11th March 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - Touring USA, Promo dates and acoustic gigs and other stuff!

Dear Freaks, friends, fans, Company members and FWO,

It's been a long time and in keeping with tradition there's a lot of surprises, goodies and dreams!!
First of all this will be a long message so pace yourselves!
The promo tour has been brilliant and all signs are that this is the hit I've been waiting on!
All the reviews so far have been positive and the media, radio included has been very receptive. I must admit that the job RR have done so far has way out-stripped the Dick Bros efforts and leaves me wondering why I never tried this earlier!
But the news -

On April 7th and 8th John Wesley, Tony Turrell and Elisabeth Antwi and I are getting together to rehearse a small acoustic set of about 90 minutes here at the Farm.
On April 9th we'll be playing the first of a series of shows at The Maypole, 171 Lambourne Road, Chigwell Row in Essex. The owner Nigel Sherwood has agreed to put us on for a night in his pub and tickets can be ordered from him at 0468 731323 or on his e-mail addy - Speedsta at They're 10 pounds each and strictly limited to 300. On stage 9pm.

On the 10th we travel by train to Utrecht where we'll repeat the show at - Oude Pothuis, Oude Gracht 279 (close to Tivoli). Again the tickets are limited to 200 and are priced at 35 guilders only and available to Company Holland members from the fan club. On stage at 11pm. All other details from the Company Holland.

On the 11th we head for the only bar in mainland Europe that sells Belhaven Scottish beer on draught! It's at The Hotel Terminus which is also an Irish Pub called Poitin at Boschveldweg 15, 5211 VG's Hertogenbosch, tel 0031 736 130 666 or fax 0031 736 130 726. Contact Jacqueline Van Der Meulen for tickets which are also 35 guilders. On stage 9pm.

On Monday we're playing sessions for '2 Meter Sessions' and Denk Van Henk, 2 rather well known Dutch radio shows. Around 5 songs for each session with the single "Incomplete" being favoured. It's getting a great reaction especially in Holland, Switzerland and France with Germany getting results now. Even in the UK there's a ground swell of positive opinion and in Belgium the reaction is wonderful with the pointers being to the most successful album ever there!

Tuesday or Wednesday is another radio session for Radio 3 with one live session and another recorded for the following Sunday.
Thursday we head for France and the first of 3 in-store sessions in the Virgin Megastore in Paris starting at 6pm. Friday 16th is Lyon at the FNACBellecour starting at 17.30 and Saturday is a session at the Virgin megastore at 18.00. Elisabeth is unavailable for the Lyon and Marseille shows as she's committed to a gig in Zurich on the Friday.
She rejoins us in Germany and for the rest of the in-stores.
19.4. Prinz - Mannheim (6:00 pm)
20.4. Saturn - Koln (6:00 pm)
21.4. Kulturkaufhaus Dussmann - Berlin (6:00 pm)
After these shows we are trying for Hamburg and then Copenhagen which are still to be worked out.
I'm looking for venues in Lyon or Koln or the other stop-overs for some more full performances so if anyone knows a suitable club or bar that can take 150 people please get in touch and we'll try and sort something out. RR have lined up some more radio acoustic sets but are still confirming at the moment.
GLR is a strong possibility as is Virgin at some point. Any support you can give either the gigs or the radio shows is appreciated as I am paying the wages for the musos from the acoustic shows.
Numbers up for the set are Incomplete, Tilted Cross, Mission Statement, Raingods dancing/Make it Happen, Just Good Friends, Goldfish and Clowns, Change of Heart, Gentleman's Excuse Me, Solo, Lucky, Bro 52, Sugar Mice, Lavender and others. The guys are well up for this and it promises to be something unique as it's unlikely Elisabeth can make the tour.

As you know there is no European tour planned for the early stages of the album so this is the only chance you'll get till August/September. Meanwhile the reaction from the American promoters has been superb and due in large to the enormous vibe from the 97 tour they are offering dates in June/July which we are working on at the moment. It seems very likely that we will be touring there first with Canada and South America being in the equation as well.
Some of you have posted me in the past with offers of shows. Now is the time to make it happen. Either post me, Jim Pitulski or my agent Larry Webman with your ideas!
We have taken on an independent USA press guy to get things rolling and any help you can give fron any angle is welcome. Radios that come on board will be notified to you and response to plays is essential to get this rolling. Phone requests or thank the dj's for playing. It needs work and lots of it! America is key as you know and though the results from Kettle aren't as great as we hoped the promo for RWZ should start a fire which needs as much fuel as possible.

On other notes -
The German Convention Video is now available and the Haddy tapes will be here in the next 2 weeks.
There were a number of problems as you already know one being the financing in recent weeks as my bank decided to change my bank manager who wouldn't ok anything until he was brought up to speed with the history of Fish! Finally it's on course and once again I apologise for the delay!

Clutching at Straws is also available and as of next week we're taking orders for the immortal "Raingods With Zippos" which arrives in 2 weeks.
The special insert will also be here at around the same time so if anyone wants to go for the retail issue then you can get the 24 page full colour insert free and autographed (as all the inserts will be! ) if you buy an article from the merchandise list for 10 pounds or more!

If you're up for the ultimate promo item RR have a Zippo with the Fish logo that they're giving away as a gift to radio producers etc!! Keep your eyes open for those but it's unlikely you'll come across one! We're talking to Zippo about Company Zippos!! They'll be on the merch list as soon as we get some!
I'm also bringing on line a number of other merch items of which details will be available in the next few weeks. These include umbrellas, bum bags (or fanny packs as you Americans call them!! ), cd carry packs and other specialist bits and bobs. As you are well aware the merchandise is our only means of support just now so anyone wanting Remasters or Kettle t-shirts or anything from the catalogue please send in your order it would be more than appreciated! We have the stock and it has to move before we can move onto other projects! All proceeds go to making the rest of the year possible! (We still have the Limited edition 'Kettles' available so any US fans can still pick up the special non-US release!)

Some of you have been sent PAL versions rather than NTSC versions of the Kettle video. I apologise for this but the manufacturer cocked up on this and inadvertently put the wrong titles in the right boxes. He has offered to pay all the costs involved so if you have been sent a PAL copy to the US then get in touch and we'll sort it out!

On the last note of gigs and things I'll be playing a very special gig on the 29th May in Geneva. I can't give too many details at present but this will be an event rather than just another show! It's by invite only to 8000 people from stage/screen/media and other artists from all over Europe. I hope to get a show the day before in Bern but details aren't yet available. There's TV involved and radio as well as a media hit unprecedented in Switzerland! Watch this space!

Finally with all this PR and promo stuff coming down hard and fast I've decided with the consent and full support and co-operation of Jeroen and Brian Vogelsang to go for my own mail list for those with e-access but no Internet access. This will be a read only list and will carry details and news from all the Company sites in all the various languages! This does not mean I'll be leaving Freaks but it will mean that certain info will be only be carried on this new site as I don't want to clutter Freaks up with a lot of material that is of little interest to some. Details of how to subscribe will be given shortly but I hope those of you who want to get involved and get newsheets on e-mail will support this new venture.
I repeat - I am not leaving Freaks as I really like it here but there needs to be a Fish news list that can satisfy those people who don't want to Freak and those who don't want to Fish!
The new site is appropriately called Fishheads and is at!! Brian will deal with all the details of how to subscribe and the list will run in direct parallel with the Perceptions Site.
I will still be a Freak Fish!! :-)

I wanted to tell you about the promo trip but I've run out of time and space! All I'll say is get the Polish Playboy in April for an 'in-depth' interview!!:-)

all the best and missed you a lot
Lots of love
Onkel Fish x

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