Email 30th March 1999

Subject: Fish 99- Dutch charts and more gigs!

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, fans and the Company,
Well the first chart entry happened in Holland where we went into the Top 100 at 97!!
It's a great start as the Dutch charts are unlike the British slaughtering house where you get one chance to bounce as high as you can and then hope to hold your position. In Holland it's a slow build and as long as you get in you have a chance to grow with accumulated radio plays which we're now developing. With the upcoming national radio acoustics there it's looking good!
In the UK we are picking up plays here and there but at the moment nothing heavy! If you could phone up your local stations and request we can stimulate interest and as we move to release next week hope that DJ's start to pick it out for airtime!!

Another acoustic show has been added in Amsterdam at the Paradiso. It's the acoustic room upstairs which holds 200 people. Date is the 13th April and the gig starts at 21.00 with doors at 20.30. Tickets are 35 guilders and can only be booked through the Company Holland.
You can order by phone from Wednesday 31st March between 20.00 and 21.00 on the Company Holland phone line 0031 (0) 20 640 3400 or send an e to Holland.
Please only book a ticket if you are definitely coming so as not to disappoint others.
Give your full name and tell the Company how many tickets you want for the night.
I repeat do not book tickets if you are unsure of coming as they will be in short demand.

On another note the April issue of Classic Rock has a free CD featuring amongst others "Tumbledown" as well as a track of the new Porcupine tree album. There's also a 4/5 review!
All the reviews so far on RWZ have been with the exception of Q magazine (3/5) at least 4/5 with 2 full marks from Hard Roxx magazine UK and Mindview Belgium!
On another Belgian note it seems the Company are getting more infiltration into the higher echelons of the business! I received a phone call yesterday from Geert Borremans who was involved with the Company Belgium in the days of Frank Clauwers! He resigned to work on the top selling rock magazine Mindview and as of this week he has now become head of promotions at Roadrunner Belgium!! me thinks that Belgium could soon be a major Fish market!!! :-)))

I talked with my agent in the USA last night and he is very confident of having a rough tour plan for the USA and Canada at the end of this week. In all likelihood we will be out there on the 16th or 22nd June and I am waiting on confirmation of the first shows. There will probably be a couple of warm ups in the UK before flying out to the States and as always you will be the first to know through the Fishheads list!

The Raingods Inserts will be here in the next 2 days and will be autographed and sent out immediately with the pre orders we have received so far!
The Haddington tapes CDs are on their way out as of 2 days ago, along with the German convention video which started to leave the farm over a week ago!
RWZ will be zipping out this week!

As you can understand things are getting exciting here and the workload is enormous as we prepare for touring and the onslaught of the album. I've never been so nervous about touring so much as now. The experiences of the 97 tour left me with a hesitation about embarking on another such venture and a new caution when it comes to committing to extravagant travelling. The rehearsals due to begin next Wednesday are daunting and all I keep asking myself is - why do I write so many bloody words!!! :-))))

Hear me soon and see you sooner
lots of love
Onkel Fish x

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