Email 31st March 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - HMV confirmation

Dear Fishheads, freaks, fans and the Company,
Just to confirm that the UK in-stores will be at HMV Oxford Street London at 6.30 on the 22nd April and on the 23rd we'll be at HMV Princes Street Edinburgh at 4.30.
Just heard from my American press officer that there will be 3 on line sessions coming up -
April 29th - Talk City - no time as yet
May 2nd - Artist Shop 3.00pm EST (8 pm UK)
May 9th - America Online 6.00pm EST (11.00pm UK)

I was interviewed by Anne Diamond this morning on Talk Radio. I must admit to getting quite a thrill at 8.45 being interviewed by the lovely Anne while being stark naked in the bedroom.
I was on the telephone BTW!! :-))

lots of love
Onkel Fish x

Subject: Fish 99 - lager lager lager lager lager- war!!

Dear freaks,
Only on this list could you get a heated argument about beer after a no. of posts about a war!!:-)
That's life - or death depending on where you live or what you drink!
In a turmoil and trying to fathom it all out!

Not a good day! :-(

Off to watch CNN before going to bed - better tuning in to Temazepam!

I am still trying to convince myself that we're justified in our reactions and the lyrics to POJP keep going round and round in my head.
Fingers are itching to post but my brain is overriding my heart at the moment!
Thinking about friends down there - a lot!! :-(
At times like this all the personal shite seems meaningless!
Do not walk outside this area!
while I dream perchance to sleep

small word
big meaning
not used enough

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