Email 5th April 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - Putting the boat out and promo ideas!

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, FWO, fans and the Company!

Well a quiet Easter weekend it wasn't! I'd hoped for a relaxing time over the last 3 days but on Friday it all went wrong!!:-)
First of all I spent most of the day answering e-mails about the Roger Waters tour! :-)
Then late Friday I get the US promo itinerary just after being asked out on a Lifeboat exercise in the North Sea! Aaarggh! I worked it out that I'd be back in time allowing for a wee drink with the crew and the travel home from Dunbar, only a few miles down the coast.
Friday night was a Silver wedding party for a friend down at the Railway and as he was the one who invited me on the exercise I figured an early night was to be had. I excused myself after a few pints and was in bed by 12 thinking that if the weather was bad that I wouldn't embarass myself by honking over the nice one million pound lifeboat which had only been in service for a year or so!
David Murray, now in charge of liason between the fire brigade and the lifeboat services on maritime accidents picked me up at 10.30 on a misty east Lothian morning. As beneficiary of the surprise party he was not 100% and the prospect of the 15 mile out excursion wasn't the ideal anniversary gift he'd have wanted.
The sea mist shrouded the coast which meant that the helicopters from Northumberland were grounded for today. I'd expected the Sea Kings to be there and had thought that I'd get the chance for a wee bit swimming and a pick up from the choppers. Although I'd been on many before I'd never been airlifted be winch and was looking forward to the experience.
Nevertheless we were scheduled to meet up with the Solisker , a navy cutter on secondment to the Scottish Office as a Fisheries Protection vessel somewhere at sea. The lifeboat crew were supposed to assess the ship for boarding in an emergency as well as advance future joint missions to rescue craft at sea. The Solisker was late leaving Leith docks so we resigned to the Volunteer Arms for a few pints with the Dunbar crew. At 12 I was in my survival suit and boarding the lifeboat at it's mooring in Torness down the coast. Costing over a million pounds this Trent class boat was capable of 25 knots carrying 6 crew and fitted with the most up to date satellite technology for search missions.
The water was relatively smooth so the engines were firing on all cylinders as we sped out to meet the Solisker. Half an hour later we rendezvoued and I boarded the vessel after a short journey in the Inshore Rescue Boat (IRB) and climbing up the 5 metere rope ladder to the Soliskers decks. It was a hoot!! We charged about on a practise search and swapped positions as the IRB became our "lost boat" and we searched the Forth estuary for "survivors".
Twas a great day and we came back to harbour at about 5 pm. Obviously the salty air meant that our thirst required slaking! Volunteer arms it was then for the next 3 hours as we filled our sea legs with Belhaven Best. I held my ground well and saw off some hardened drinkers much to the delight and amazement of the crew! I was fast becoming a very drunk Fish and one that had completely forgotten about the US telephone interviews sceduled for that afternoon!!! I arrived home at about 9pm much to Tammi and Tara's amusement. I did one interview before acknowledging defeat and heading for bed totally knackered.
Sunday my old mucker Eric Rowan came over with the outline draft of his new film and we spent most of the day talking movies ending up passing out while watching Apocalypse Now at full surround sound volume!! I dreamt of Belgrade. Today has been catching up on the US interviews most of whom completely understood the Saturday situation and found the whole thing vastly amusing!! :-)))
Of course there were a lot of e's to go through and these 2 you will find real interesting!

First is from Peter Hall and I think this is the best idea I've heard for a long while! It's so simple and so brilliant! Here's Peter-

"Yesterday I think I may have inadvertantly stumbled upon a good idea (possibly).
I was out with a friend shopping for a new Hi Fi around the ubiquitous industrial estates (Comet, Currys etc)
Fortunately having just received the Haddington cd's, we loaded up Brother 52 so that we had something to compare different systems to. As you try to choose, your objectives become blurred so we actually spent quite a long time in the various shops... However, you can crank the music up loud and nobody minds because they want the sale... (They even turned the music off in the shop for us at Currys!!!)
So, heres the idea.......
Why dont you suggest in one of your Emails that anyone who buys the new single might like to take it for an outing to the local shops next time they are passing that way..
It genuinely did create some interest. We were asked by several other shoppers what we were playing and asked by others if they could borrow it for their sound test (the shops cds are generally crap)"

So there you are!!! I think it's a wonderful idea and if any of you are thinking about buying Hi-Fi soon or just fancy blasting Fish through your local malls then go for it!!!
"Incomplete" was released in the UK today and what better opportunity for some plays!! :-)))

Second idea was sent to me by Dolores at the Company America. It reads-

"My name is Chris Mincemoyer and I live in Bradford, PA. Bradford is the home of Zippo Lighter. I wasn't sure who to address this to, but I was wondering if the following info could be posted to The Company NA Website and then also in the next newsletter.
I sent Fish a couple of e-mails explaining Bradford and Zippo (these are attached.) The local paper also keeps track of Zippo sightings from national press, movies, etc. I'm also sending a request to them to recognize Fish and the Raingods with Zippo CD.
Fish wrote that the person to contact at Zippo was Peggy Errera. I suggest members of the Company NA write to her to thank Zippo and to show support for Fish. Write her at Zippo 33 Barbour St Bradford PA 16701. They also have a website -
Thanks for reading this, maybe The Company NA can generate enough support with Zippo that they'll sponsor part of his tour, and in Fish's e-mail from March 11th he mentions Company Zippo's."

Again a great idea and if anyone wants to help us out it'd be appreciated!
We're talking to Zippo at the moment but a bit of public response would I think help influence their involvement on the upcoming tour and definitely get them to go for a special "Fish Company" Zippo! The Zippo site is well worth a visit anyway and don't forget to sign the Guestbook!
They don't get many visitors so they'll get a shock with the surge of Fishheads logging on!!
They're good people and love the album BTW!!!

That's all for now! Interviews and Radio Forth meeting at the Hard Rock tomorrow in George Street (around 3pm) where Incomplete will get a good plug and Tara will get to meet the Honeyz! Dad will obviously have to stay close by!! :-)))

Hope you all had a great holiday! Hear you soon

lots of love
Onkel Fish x

Ps I forgot to tell you that my sister Laura gave birth to a son James Campbell Gibbs on the 30th March. He was only 6 pounds 9 ounces which was to be expected as he was 3 weeks premature. Mother and baby are doing fine after a wee scare and father Chris and daughter Ellie are glad that Laura is back as there's only so many times you can eat MacDonalds!!

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