Email 28th April 1999

Subject: Fish 99 Oh Joy to the World!! :-)

Dear Freaks, Fans, Fishheads, FWO and the Company
Well it's been a long time! The news is massive so this first of the weeks e's is a relatively short and concise one - OK!!
Charts - Holland 21, Germany straight in at 34, Switzerland 57, UK 57! These are all album entries and believe it or not in the first 3 the highest for years!!!
The US and Canadian tour together with 2 Mexican dates and the start of the South American tour will be coming at you tomorrow and in the next few days! Canada starts the ball in and around June 28th. I don't know all the dates yet but Atlanta and Tampa are in for the first time as well as Eastern Canadian shows outside Vancouver! Halifax Nova Scotia is also in there! The Mexican dates are in August!
The band is John Wesley, Tony Turrell, Dave Stewart, Steve Vantsis and Elisabeth Antwi is now confirmed as backing vocalist!
The European tour is going to run fron September onwards! No dates yet!
Zippo have just done a deal with Gibson guitars for a Zippo/Gibson electric! Guess what Wes is playing on the next tour? :-) This is a purely coincidental occurence but talks are already underway for a more involved stance from both companies with regards to tour promo activities and possible endorsements!
Thanks one and all for all the Birthday wishes and regards over the album. Much appreciated and I wish I could have answered you all individually! Trawling through 60 odd Freaks digests was enough nevermind the other 200 e's!! Real glad most of you are getting a kick from the album! Reviews in the main have been great and confidence is at an all time high with this!

The single is dead in the UK but picking up serious plays all over the rest of Europe! It died at around 87! :-(
The interview I did with Radio 2 last night suggests the album is very much alive and the second single (?) is assured more support from that quarter!
There are 2 more gigs as well after the Feast of Hope Festival in Geneva on the 29th May. These will all be acoustic sets as the recent ventures in Holland and Germany featuring the same line ups! Gigs are-
30th May, Mühle Hunziken, Bern, capacity 420 Ticket price: Fr. 20.- for members, Fr. 25.- for the others
31st May, Albani, Winterthur, capacity 250 Ticket price Fr. 25.-
There will also be TV and radio appearances while I'm there!
There's also the chance that Steve Hogarth will be attending the Feast of Hope as well! :-)

We tried for the Roger waters tour BTW but there was no support available! That would have been ironic if I'd gotten it!! :-)
Our rehearsals start in June at the Farm which promises to be hectic as Tammi and I have decided to sell up here and look elsewhere in the Hood! We have eyes on a derelict ruin crying out for renovation and we start negotiating on it this week!
The free singles are now off the merch list as we've run out as of last week! Sorry! It was good while it lasted and now those of you who have 5 copies of Just Good Friends can get smug!!! :-)
Polish video from 97 goes into the mixing studio this month! Available in late June (honest!! :-)
Next live album planned for the US where we'll record a number of shows for the archives!
Entire acoustic set from the fabulous show at the Paradiso will be featured on the upcoming B-sides for the next single and there's a strong chance at least an hour will be broadcast on Dutch national radio!
I've been doing American interviews for the last 2 days and to say there is a buzz is like saying that Scotland has a well average Rugby team!!!! :-))))))
European champions 99!!! We celebrated in the now Scottish pub in Den Bosch which is also the first Twin of the Tyneside and first International Company Pub! More about all this in the next few days as I disclose how Americans can be taught to drink with the correct supervision and guidance and how your favorite Onkel can corrupt even the most resilient of "Road children"!! :-)

To end with!!
For those uninitiated in the art of soccer - my humble wee country whacked Germany tonight 1-0 in Germany with the "Masters of Europe!" fielding a full strength side committed to humbling us in front of the baying home crowd! We were under strength by at least 6 players! The other half of our house is silent and moping about with a black armband on her dressing gown!!:-)))))
Ever feel like it's my year!!!! ? :-)))))))

lots of love
Onkel Fish xx

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