Email 29th April 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - US Canadian Mexican tour the first moves

Dear FishHeads, Freaks, fans and the Company,
Herewith is the first itinerary for the Canadian/ United States and Mexican tour.
There are as you can see a few gaps and unconfirmed shows but by next week these will be all in concrete -

Fish - Raingods With Zippos Tour 99
Date City Venue
6-30 Toronto Lee's Palace *
7-1 off
7-2 Three Rivers, Quebec
7-3 Chicoutimi, Quebec
7-4 Montreal Cabaret (Spectrum unavailable)
7-5 Montreal or off
7-6 Quebec City Albert Russo Hall
7-7 Sherbrooke, Canada
7-8 off
7-9 Edmonston, NB
7-10 Halifax, Nova Scotia
7-11 off
7-12 New Haven, CT Toad's Place
7-13 Philadelphia, PA TLA or Trocadero tentative
7-14 Boston, MA The Paradise
7-15 off
7-16 Philly / Poughkeepsie TLA, Troc, or Chance -tentative
7-17 New York, NY Irving Plaza
7-18 Washington DC 9:30 Club
7-19 off
7-20 Tampa, FL The State Theater
7-21 Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse
7-22 off
7-23 Cleveland, OH Odeon
7-24 Pittsburgh, PA Graffiti or Rosebud * tentative
7-25 Buffalo, NY The Talf
7-26 off
7-27 Cincinati, OH Annie's
7-28 Pontiac, MI 7th House
7-29 off
7-30 Chicago, IL Park West
7-31 Milwuakee, WI Shank Hall
8-1 Minneapolis, MN Fine Line
8-2 off
8-3 Denver The Bluebird
8-4 Salt Lake City, UT
8-5 off
8-6 San Diego, CA Brick by Brick
8-7 off ? tentative
8-8 Los Angeles,CA House of Blues
8-9 San Francisco, CA Slim's
8-10 off
8-11 Portland, OR tentative
8-12 Seattle, WA tentative
8-13 Vancouver, BC tentative
8-15 Mexico City
8-16 Guadalajara tentative

Jim Pitulski said "Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you all see the tour itinerary as it stands right now. We're about 85% confirmed right now but there are still a couple of tentative situations. The most notable of which is where exactly (and when) the Philly show will be held - whether there will be 1 or 2 shows in Montreal - and how the Seattle/Portland/Vancouver run at the end of the tour will route"

So there you have it! I would never have imagined starting off the raingods tour in the Americas!
Funny old world isn't it!

lots of love
Onkel Fish x
a very excited one

From: Thomas Thielen
Subject: h's voice and fish's voice deteriorating?

in fact, i don t think that h s voice was as good as it became during the AOS and TSE - years when he joined the band! just compare how he struggles with the high notes on SE with the fluent, open sound on those two albums. i am not sure whether he has had lessons in the meantime, but being a singer myself (SCYTHE), i know that -technically speaking- hs voice has become even more brilliant than it always was! a song like "fake plastic trees" would not have sounded that natural back in the earlier 90ies!
the problem with R10 is simply that they seem to have encountered unusual trouble (for them - little bands like SCYTHE of course know of those problems when recording ;-) ) in how to record the vocals. i don t know if they used a different mike or had a rather bad equalizer or a bad compressor - the voice sounds as flat as the rest of the album! maybe selfproducing wasn t such a good idea after all?
fishs voice, however... well i only have to tell you that on the last three gigs i attended he had to transpose kayleigh into a-minor (1 note down) in order to get half-way through it. i really like his performances on the whole, his presence on stage is fascinating, but as a singer he has gone (technically speaking!!! not the atmosphere he creates etc!)from "yeah, well..." to "nonono". he just does not know anything about technique. well, that would be fine by me as long as he could still sing as good as years ago, but of course voices break when "abused" in such a fashion. just remember what happened during the "clutching"-tour. dont get me wrong - this is no h versus fish debate! just sorting out some facts that lie at the heart of the differences of their vocal-style. however, imho fish s voice does not suggest that he should be a singer anymore. his performances are still thrilling, but if you just wanted to listen to the music, you might find that there aren t really many (especially high or a little difficult) notes he gets absolutely right these days. he just does not know how to sing. (technically speaking!!! always technically speaking!!! this does not mean that he is no good as a frontman/performer/singer because he of course gets across the emotions on other grounds etc, you know what i mean!!!)
dont send me letter bombs!


From: Fish
Subject: The mighty Scythe!

Dear Freaks,
I already trashed 3 e mails before composing myself and typing this!

"imho fish s voice does not suggest that he should be a singer anymore"
I look forward to Thomas Tealeaves next world tour where we will see if his trained voice stands up to the rigours of touring for real! Scythe of course are well known to both myself and H from the touring circuit having encountered them many a time in my 17 years of professional singing. I'll put it down to the arrogance of youth and the fact that he's german and hurting from getting cuffed yesterday!
Anytime kid!
love Onkel Fish

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