Email 30th April 1999

Subject: Honey there's a burning Panzer in the yard! :-) (no offense!)

Dear Freaks,
Glad that a sense of humour does exist amongst my German friends! :-)
Normally it would take years of therapy to get over a game like that. My German wife is currently under heavy sedation and keeps on muttering about "watch the drag back, hold your markers!" (in german of course, a language I have come to know well after living with one for 14 years and 4 World Cups! and still very much in love I have to say!)
I was very touchy the other night and followed all the Freaks rules about thinking before posting.
(you should have seen the first one that Tammi said might affect the NATO alliance!:-)
When you're sitting at home with a sore throat after doing 12 hours of rehearsals, 6 x 2 hour shows, 8 x one hour record shop showcases, 2 x live 30 minute radio broadcasts, 2 x live TV shows and over 35 interviews in 17 days you get a bit aggressive especially when a guy with 14 years less experience who does 65 shows a year in a Queen cover band suggests you stop singing for a living! :-)
If you want I can turn you on to the wonderful world of singing in the next few weeks and tell you the truth about touring as a voice on legs! It's an interesting story for those of you who don't know and are often found outside after shows gagging to get a sound from your throat after "singing" for one night!
I don't mind a bit discussing why the keys change and why some nights are a struggle and yet 2 nights later it's relatively carefree! I'm 41 for God's sake and singing for 17 years professionally! Give me a break!!
Thomas the Scythe has already been e'd privately and I have no wish to bring our little contrataint on list. But I couldn't resist a wee reply after this beaut! :-)

"as i have said in the first mail, this is just about technique. i did not mean to express that fishs performances were bad in the sense of not being emotive. absolutely not! i still get shivers when listening to him doing the gigs, especially in the more lyric passages."

As long as you aren't having a go at the spoken word sections!! That would have been too much!!! :-))))))
I'm a bleeding actor darling!!! :-))

Finally as common sense prevails and the reminder that I belong to a superior footballing nation sinks in and as an adult response to the final riposte in Thomas's post-

": thanx for reminding me of this f***ing football match. thank you very much indeed. f***ing h***!!! "

You're more than welcome!!!!


love to all and keep those home fires burning!!!
Onkel Fish xX
or as Thomas knows me
"derek the double-YOU dick"
now who said Germans have no sense of humour!!! :-))))))

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