Email 3rd May 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - When the going gets weird the weird turn pro!!

Dear Freaks, Fans, Fishheads and the Company,
What a weekend! The news about Darryl scuppered me on Saturday and I thank you for all the kind e's you sent in the last couple of days! I got back from the station and spent the next few hours wrapped round a few bottles. I couldn't bring myself to play Nazareth so I had a good wail to Joni Mitchell's original of "This Flight Tonight" peaking the waterworks at the chorus "shouldn't have got on this flight tonight"! Next up was the Led Zeppelin live at the BBC double cd and a few more poignant moments on "Thankyou" before jettisoning the blues and heading off down Otis Redding's way for a singalong and some kitchen dancing with Tammi. I am now promised to do the "Full Monty" dance set for her 40th Birthday!!! :-) A typical private Scottish wake!

Sunday was office work and then the football on TV! Celtic versus Rangers, the Old Firm match and this time the league championship was decided with rangers taking the honours after a 3-0 win! It wasn't the game that made the headlines but the violence on and off the pitch!
It's strange that the supporters who would be on perfect behaviour at a national match should kick off like they did! For those unaware of events after a Celtic player was sent off for dissent Rangers scored and all hell broke loose! The referee was downed by a coin and had to get 4 stitches. Supporters invaded the pitch and tried to assault the ref. Rangers scored again. More mayhem with a Celtic supporter swan diving from the upper tier of the stadium. Another 9 yellow and 2 red cards with 2 goals including a dubious penalty the game was over! The football was secondary. In Glasgow there were 113 arrests with 100 emergency calls in the first hour after the game, most of them for stabbings. The city exploded and the referees home was beseiged by rioting fans. Totally embarrassing for the Scottish game as it was live on satellite! All this after picking up the friendliest fans award in France! Weird!
I then had the Artist shop online which some of you joined in! I always find these strange especially as I was logged on as Badgerdoo and watching the screen as I talked to Gary in the USA who was typing for me! (I ain't that fast!:-)
It all went well but give me a live press conference any day! The transcript is up on Itchy's web site which you can find through Perceptions! (Mo says: the transcript is also on the interviews page)

Then off to Dunfermline and Bruce Watsons surprise party!! Sandra Bruce's wife had set it up and couldn't tear Bruce from the match on TV! "I dinnae want to go out for a drink woman, the footy's on!! :-)" Bruce has just got the guitar gig with Leo Sayer along with Mark Brzezicki on drums. It's a world tour and as Leo is going for a strong R and B set Bruce who'd played with him before fitted the bill! Still weird for me!
Bruce as you may know played with me on a number of occasions and is also on Raingods! Mandolin on Incomplete and lead on Mission Statement! The next Big Country album is being put together at Rockfield in the Summer.
Dunfermline is also the home of Nazareth and conversations couldn't help but gravitate toward Darryl. It got weirder when Pete Agnew's sons who also play in local bands came in.
Pete as you'd expect is devastated and is waiting to come home after Darryl's arrangements are sorted out. His son's and I spent a few large voddies going over the stories and tales of the road that Nazareth had never left for over 30 years. As Jay Crawford pointed out on Radio Forth today with Darryl leaving us he took an encyclopedia of Rock and Roll with him!
The funeral will be a who's who of Scottish music and the wake will light up Fife if not the country! The baying of Party animals will be heard in Norway :-)))
That's the best way to send him off and exactly what Darryl would expect of us!

Today was a mild hangover and my buddy Eric Rowan who was at my side throughout last night spent breakfast talking about the film he's producing for shooting next year!
You are going to hear a lot about this movie in the coming months as it will be the greatest Scottish production ever! It's called "Clarinda" and is about Robert Burn's only true love in his short life. I can't say much more at the moment but I can say that I definitely have a part in the movie and will also be contributing to the soundtrack. More news as it develops!:-)

Finally the American news is brilliant with RWZ in the Top Ten of CD Now's pre orders and now this week in the Top Ten of the US on line sales! Roadrunner Records are extremely excited and the momentum is picking up perfectly in time for the tour.
Any help you can give at radio with requests or just creating awareness of the album is much appreciated and any sniff of possibilities please get in touch with me and I'll forward contacts to RR and our radio pluggers! This isn't just for the USA and Canada but also Europe where I've already had increased tour offers through the developing success of the album.
Incomplete has been in the Top 3 most requested songs on RTL France and you can help the push by e mailing RTL, the biggest radio station there. This has already been posted to Fishheads but I think that it's worth repeating -
Here's Jean Pierre from The Company France

"After several weeks sending e's, 'Incomplete' is now airplayed on RTL, a french radio. You can vote for the song you want to hear, as soon as it is on the Playlist. And the three more asked songs go on the air. 'Incomplete' already reached number one, but it's fighting against strong rivals, SIN-e and The Silencers, and is now at second or third place (it depends how many times we can vote :-)))
We need all your help to keep it in the three first positions, preferably on top position, to keep on allowing its airplay! Everybody can vote. All you have to do is to go to: (dead link) select 'Incomplete' by Fish (bottom of the page), scroll up, press the 'Vote' button then press the 'Classement' button."

More news on the touring situation coming at you this week!
In June there is a chance that we'll be playing an acoustic set in Haddington as part of the Music festival. This won't be a convention rather a warm up for the band. It's not confirmed but as always you'll know soon enough if it goes ahead!
There's also a chance that we'll be playing at The Playhouse in Edinburgh as part of a charity gig for Kosova as well as a proposed tribute gig for Darryl Sweet in Dunfermline!
All this is in discussion and I'll confirm dates etc as soon as I know the details!

That's it for today! Off to watch the Hearts v Dunfermline match on TV and see others under stress!! :-))

lots of love
Onkel Fish x

PS Sorry but I have to admit to the list that Thomas Thielens request for the Under 21 football score was deleted from my e! It was 2-1 to Germany! :-( Thomas and I are best of buddies now and he's coming to Koln next tour for a backstage drink!! :-)
So there - all who thought I'd lost it for a moment and had resorted to not being the cuddly bear!! :-))))

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