Email 4th May 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - "On the trail of torn out Twisters"!

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, Fans and the Company,
"Norway this time, Raingods With Zippos has entered the charts at number 97 The album is now 42 in the mega Top 100 chart in Holland and is no.36 in the Rabo Top 100."
So the RWZ campaign continues! The next European single is being decided in the next few weeks - I have no idea as there are too many choices and as you know I'm not that good at deciding on singles!! :-))))
I'll be in Hilversum on the 13th playing football for Roadrunner Records in an International inter record company competition!! I'm sure there'll be plenty of chances to have a natter in the dressingroom/bar!!!
Yatta arrives Thursday to go through the US tour which should be finished any hour now!! I know some of the routing is questionable but most times we are at the mercy of the availabilities of the halls and promoters who insist on certain days for shows!! I am trying to get dates in Texas, Arizona and other places in the South but it depends on the end game of the tour and especially the South American jump off!! We are in discussion with Brazilian and Argentinian promoters now! Please don't e me with questions on this as all info will be sent up on the Fishheads and Freaks lists as well as the Perceptions site.
The CONA are doing a great job putting the meet and greet things together and I urge anyone who's not contacted them yet to do so and avoid missing out on some "fun" dates!! :-)

Again the States and this time from Mary E Beck -
"Just thought I'd pass along our radio station webpage where folks can request songs online, for your RR and radio pluggers information! We're an "active rock" station, and we play some stuff that I've never heard of anywhere else; plus we have a show on Sunday night at 10:00 called "The Outer Limits" in which we feature new and/or unknown artists stuff, and it's not always genre-specific, so that may be a good chance to get some airplay for ya! I asked our Music Director the other day if he'd had any promo packages from Road Runner, as the new Fish cd is out....of course, I had to correct him as to which F(ph)ish I meant! Daft punter! Anyway, he said he had not and had no idea Marillion was still around, let alone that there was now Fish solo, so the station doesn't have a copy of RWZ, and I've been reluctant to present him with a copy in case a rash of requests come in for it, and it looks suspicious for me to just happen to have a copy to donate to the station, if you see what I mean. I'd rather have him come to me and say "we've had requests for this Fish thing you mentioned the other day...tell me more about it".....'s the webpage addy within which is the online request form
and, just for good measure.....
WXRA 94.5
Tim Satterfield - Programme Director
P.O. Box 3018
Winston-Salem, NC 27102


Also a wee apology to Gordon Fleming who pointed out that there were only 2 stabbings in Glasgow that night (as he rightly said 2 too many!) and that the Refs house had a couple of bottles thrown through the window by what may have been a lone fan! So much for the reliability of Dunfermline pub info!!

For those interested. Yes! The "Gladiators" film shooting in Malta in which the lamented Oliver Reed was on location for when he collapsed and died was the one I auditioned for! I don't think it was the same part that he was playing! It's a shame as he was one guy that I always fancied a night in the pub with!! :-) Good actor and brilliant character! For the anorak movement Ollie was also involved in "The Bruce" which was made by Bob Carruthers and Cromwell Films who made "Chasing the deer", the first movie I appeared in! They wanted me to play in the "Bruce" as well but I wisely turned it down! It was shite!!
Oliver Reed was also involved in the Robin Hood epic "Outlaw" which I auditioned for way back in 89!! It never reached production being withdrawn after Costner's "Prince of Thieves" rolled cameras first!! I auditioned for that as well as - yep! you guessed it -"Little John"!! :-)

So that was Tuesday! Other thing of note today was the application of my first nicotine patch as the realisation that I had to quit the Evil Weed sunk in! I think the decision was prompted by Darryl's heart attack and a knowledge that I am getting older and the ciggies are getting too expensive! I also suffered from the toasting off the voice on the recent gruelling promo trip and decided that as Californian bars have banned smoking now is a good time to get it over and out the system before Europe! So beware! The Bear is about for a while. I'll have any e's checked by Tammi in case of "growling syndrome" and will try at all times to be polite and reserved when dealing with your questions!
So next tour you'll have a clean pristine voice emanating from a 300 pound blob!! :-)
I'll be in the gym Wednesday and out on the mountain bike tomorrow (or maybe tonight!!) as well!

So there you are women do need men!!!
For those scratching your heads on this it's a 70's saying from the feminist movement!
The ending being "like a fish needs a bicycle!"
Ok it was crap!! :-)) I'll get me poncho!!

Finally just a wee thought! I got this today on the Freaks list but thought I'd pass this on and back as I found it particularly chilling! We all use the e's and the web and sometimes we forget about how people live and in what circumstances they get caught up in! CNN and SKY etc give the news and create the awareness and sometimes it's difficult for us to allow the reality to penetrate the real area that exists in our hearts that contains the "care module". This touched me and tonight I'll be thinking just that little bit more about a family.

This is from Chad Mitchell!
"Well, purchased RwZ a few days ago, and was wondering why I seemed to be the only Freak not being doused with rain upon purchase....
Well, now I'm not wondering anymore.
Over the past several hours central Oklahoma has been hit by the worst tornadoes I've seen in my 30+ years of living in what we call "Tornado Alley". Oklahoma City, which you may recall was devastated a few April's ago by a terrorist bomb, has just suffered cruelly at the hands of Mother Nature. So far, the casualty list is well into several hundreds, and while only a few fatalities are reported so far, I shudder to think what the morning light will bring. Neighborhoods of 300 - 400 homes have simply been wiped from the landscape, as if the Hand of God simply brushed them away. More storms have been tearing through the countryside all night long. It'll take days to account for everyone, if it can be done at all.
I'm in shock.
I'm gonna go curl up with my wife and daughter and thank my lucky stars - if we lived ten miles further west or east from where I sit at this moment, I don't think I'd be speaking to you for a long time. If ever. I'm not a religious man, but I'd like it if those of you so inclined would join me in a prayer tonight, for all those families not quite so lucky."

Chad Mitchell"

If you want to e Chad with a wee message tonight you can send it to (kerensky at

"Living on the planet, in another world"

lots of love
Onkel Fish x

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