Email 18th June 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - Back on the line! Haddington Convention 99!

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, Fans and the Company,
Excuse me for being way for a bit but the PC crashed big time on Saturday soon after I visited the Elvis Presley site!! Dan and Pete from Nazareth were round with their wives for a meal and a natter and as should happen we got very very drunk and went surfing for a bit! Maybe it was Elvis or maybe it was something I caught from sniffing around the butts of the Dogs from Hell at 3am but no matter the hard drive went awol big time and wasn't fixed until yesterday!

So the news!
Roadrunner have agreed to release me in the States and I am already in contact with a new label who are very enthusiastic about taking on the entire catalogue including the recent and new albums! Too soon to announce details!
The next single will be "Tilted Cross" and I am talking to David Ginola next week about setting the single up as a Charity record to aid the Kosovan refugees and the Landmine clearance operations in that country. David is the official spokesman for the European Landmine Commissions. Planned release in late July!
The mainland European tour is being negotiated as I write and it seems that the first date will be in the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels on September 10th closely followed by 4 Dutch dates! The rest is under wraps at present but it appears that the figures may work although I will have to use in-house rigs. I will be very fussy about these rigs in order to make sure that the systems fit our specs but at the end of the day it's the only way I can tour effectively. Dates will be posted as soon as they are confirmed so please don't contact me for updates!
I am also trying to play a show in Tallin, Estonia on September 7th a day before the Scottish European Championship game there. If this happens then it would seem the smart move to play Finland the night before! I have also enquired about the other away game against Bosnia on October 5th which is scheduled for Sarajevo! Obviousy this depends on the Kosovan/Balkan situation but the Army are well up for a return match with myself. I've also offered my services for gigs in Macedonia the same month. This is all down to the situation and the "temperature" in the area! If it's too hot then it's unlikely that this will happen. I'm hopeful!! :-))
The tour however will definitely kick off here in Haddington with the Fan Club Convention.
There will be no other dates in Scotland or the immediate North of England. The UK tour isn't scheduled until the end of October and that will be just before the intended American tour if all goes to plan.
It will take place over the Bank Holiday weekend of the 28th and 29th of August. There will be two shows, the first on Saturday 28th at St Mary's Abbey. This will be an acoustic show strictly limited to fan club members only as the crowd limit is only 400 people.
The other will be on the Sunday night and will be a full electric set with special guests (Steve Wilson has promised he'll attend this year!) in the Corn Exchange.
The plan is to have a "meet and greet" barbecue at the Tyneside and in the gardens of the Poldrate centre at around midday on the Saturday followed by the first rounds of a 7 a side football tournament betweeen the International fan clubs somewhere in the town. The gig will start around 8 pm.
Sunday will be the finals of the footy in the afternoon before the gig at around 9pm in the Corn Exchange.
After the gig there will be an After Show / Farewell party and Rock disco at the Maitlandfield (license permitting) including bouffet and drinking till 3 am!!
This will be for Company members only and will bring the weekend to a close!
Other events planned are Karaoke competitions, other gigs from local and outside bands in other pubs throughout the weekend, another artwork exhibition and more activities to make the weekend a memorable event. Should the Saturday night acoustic sell out we also have the Friday available which would be open to the general public as well. The Saturday will be Fan club only.
Scottish Television and a London Station have expressed interest in covering the event in order to make a programme about the International aspects and Radio Forth are considering both a day with the Outside broadcast unit as well as a live 'in concert' from either one or both nights. Belhaven brewery may get involved and I am talking to the local distillery about visits and whisky tasting stalls!!
As I have still to discover what the situation is re licensing laws and details on the other extra curricular activities like pitch hire etc these plans are not definite yet! However the gigs are booked and you can rest assured that we'll do everything in our powers to make it all happen.
The tickets for each of the Abbey and Corn Exchange shows will be 15 pounds sterling (ie UKP30 for the two events per person) and will not go on sale to the public until the end of July. As Company members you are entitled to one guest per member and ONLY Company members plus their guest get admittance to the party and the right to buy tickets for the Saturday acoustic concert in the Abbey!
I'm sure you'll agree that this promises to top all the previous conventions to date and if you are thinking twice about coming then think again!!
These will be my last Scottish shows and the last convention in this Millennium and I really want this to go out with a bang! Tickets and details have yet to be sorted out so I will not be taking orders until I return from a short holiday in Malta in the first week of July.
At that point all should be in place and I'll have information on the hotels/campsite and other travel details you'll require. My advice is book early and to anyone who has contacts for B and B's spread the news!
I can't emphasize enough that you should book as early as you can for this weekend as with it being the only show in Scotland there will be more than the usual attendance on the Sunday night.
As soon as more details become available I'll let you know!
For those who have sent in merch orders in the last week and haven't received their usual e mail return don't worry!
With the PC crashing all was saved but the responses are behind. The BBC Session CD's are on their way and for those who have given some great reviews - thanks! They are a wee bit special and far surpass the bootlegs that were taken from the original broadcasts!
That's all for now! Rehearsals went extremely well and we only need a week or so to get us up to speed before Haddington! For the curious we have over 2 and a half hours of material including 2 brilliant medleys and an acoustic break - and that's without any talking!!

Dream on !! :-)))

all the best
Onkel Fish x

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