Email 9th July 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - A smarter Coyote and a cunning plan!!

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, Fans and the Company,
I am the lobster!! :-)
Well not really I passed that phase and entered Tango Man stage 3 days before I left Malta!! What can I say? It was the first family holiday since 96 and we took every advantage to chill out in the pool while alternatively basking and dreaming on a very hot island. I honestly needed a break after a period of high confrontation immediately before heading out.
I don't want to go into detail yet as there are a lot of decisions still to be made and some problems to be ironed out before I announce the next major cunning plan.
I arrived back on Wednesday to a battery of phone calls all of which indicate that my current decisions are making a lot of sense in a karmic way!
This is to say I haven't forgotten you and am still very much alive and very definitely kicking just now!!
For those of you worried about the convention - don't! The church and Corn Exchange are both booked and Wes arrives on the 15th August to finalise rehearsals!!
I managed to get in touch with the tourist board and can give you the following information-
For those with net access go to and you can find all the lists of information re transport, camping, bed and breakfast, hotel and other accomodation in the area. This is the official site of the Edinburgh and Lothians Tourist Board. You can also phone them on 00 44 (0) 131 473 3800 and they will send you a brochure or even book you accommodation as long as it's 4 weeks before the event.
Please be aware that in August the world famous Edinburgh Festival is in full swing which although a magnificent event is also going to mean that accomodation in Edinburgh will be tight.
Where we are, to the South there will be more opportunities but please book asap if you are wanting something to the Edinburgh side of Haddington.
The European tour is being booked and should be available to confirm in 2 weeks.
I won't be out with the mainland shows until the 11th September. Starting in Holland and then moving to Scandinavia, Germany and Poland before the others continue through until end of October. Please, please do not e me with questions on the tour as the dates will be posted as soon as they are confirmed and locked in!!
The American section is still dependant on the statement in paragraph two!!
The next 2-3 weeks will prove to be memorable I'm sure and once the pieces are in place I'll elaborate further on the impact and meaning of the Greatest Fishy Cunning Plan ever!! :-)
until then lots of love
Onkel Fish

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