Email 12th July 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - Convention details!

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, Fans and the Company,

I am the Yeti!!

Well it's coming together now!
The convention tickets are being printed this week and will be sent out this weekend!!
To fill you in with the plan so far -

12 pm Saturday - barbecue and meet and greet with potential sponsorship from a well known local brewery (whisky tasting and distillery visits being negotiated!). This will be for Company members only and a laminate will be sent out with tickets which authorises entry to all Company events during the weekend.
2pm Football at Millfield (15 minutes walk from the Tyneside depending on amount of bevvy consumed). I am looking for 9 teams of 7 a side (with up to 5 substitutes allowed) to play in 3 groups of 3 across 2 pitches (sized down to allow for unfit persons) altogether 12 games of 10 minutes each way. In an ideal world cup it would be great if we could get teams from Scotland (confirmed), England (The Just Good Friends crowd), Holland, Germany, France, Belgium, America, Scandinavia and a Rest Of the World team!! (contact your Company if you want to play or make yourself known on the day at the meet and greet)
5pm - proposed talk in the Poldrate centre with Mark Wilkinson (where the artwork exhibition will be held on Saturday).
7pm doors at St Mary's
7.45 - 10pm - St Mary's acoustic show followed by late night drinking including jam session in the Victoria Arms featuring local musos plus!
12pm meet at the Waterside restaurant for Sunday lunch or beer. I'm trying to reserve all the pub tables for Company members. It's a great eating place on the banks of the Tyne (where Lady Let it Lie was filmed in part) and serves wonderful beer! The number will be posted as soon as I have confirmation from the owner that we can take the place over!
3pm Semi Finals of the football (matches played simultaneously)
4pm World Cup final!!
5pm Local bands and others playing at the Victoria
7pm Doors at the Corn Exchange
7.30 Support (special!!)
8.30 Main act
11.30 Aftershow party! Company members only!

This is dependant on the ok for a special location and if it comes off then we'll supply free transport to the venue and in the wee hours back to either Haddington or Monksmuir!! :-)))
There are other events being set up in the next week but this is the basic idea!!
As I said before this one promises to be special!

Tickets are now available and laminates and maps will be sent out with your convention packs next week.
Don't take too long thinking about this as demand is high. There are no other Scottish dates and the UK tour at the end of October will be limited to only about 3 other shows.
The rest of the news is on hold until I have all the pieces in place.

To end on a real funny......
I got a call from my theatrical agent offering me a month in Nepal in October shooting a movie for French TV with a name director who had asked specifically for me! I thought Wow!! ... Nepal!! At last a genuine Exotic location and a place I've always wanted to see!
It was a film about the friendship between a Sherpa and a Yeti and the inevitable intrusion of big game hunters who track and capture the Yeti and take it back to civilisation for the standard scientific evaluation etc!! My part!!? Yes, you guessed it ..... the Yeti!!!
I asked my agent if he really thought that this would be a good career move! The thought of 5 hours in make up and spending the day wheezing at 15,000 feet or so in a monkey costume (he said "Don't worry there's no words to learn!!) was not what I intended when I said I wanted to further my acting! Guess what I told him? :-)))))
He said that he understood my decision and that he would look out for more humanoid entities for me to play!! :-)
It was the 18 other shows that would follow the pilot that bothered me!:-))))

On the subject of France here's a wee message from Fabien Rondeau ....

"We can still vote for Incomplete on the French radio. It would be very useful regarding sellings and marketing if every fan could vote for 'Incomplete' on RTL web site. (dead link)
Then after not being played for a couple of weeks, it would be back on the radio station and enter in people's mind. The only thing your fans have to do is to select 'Incomplete' by Fish (middle of the page), scroll up, press the 'Vote' button then press the 'Classement' button. We can make it happen!!!
Nevertheless, we need a lot of votes to succeed in being back at the first place.
Warm regards

Anyway that's all for now...
Yatta and I are working on the tour prep all this week...
More news later ...

all the best
lots of love
Onkel Fish xx

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