Email 19th August 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - Countdown and more gigs. Scooby doo at the farm!

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, Fans and the Company,

Well the band are all here and as usual after a hard days rehearsal we got very, very drunk! It was all Liz's fault as she arrived too late to take part in the first real day and proceeded to wind everyone up big time. We watched the Polish video so as the new guys could see how good we were a couple of years back and what they had to aspire to. It got to Tony most of all because he had the pleasure of seeing the Spittalrig ghost last night.
Seemingly in the middle of the night he woke up due to a freezing temperature in the room and saw a full blown apparition of an old woman in a shawl at the end of his bed. She smiled and disappeared after a few seconds. His door was locked thus eliminating either Squeeky or Steve as late night transvestite wanderers. He was genuinely shocked this morning. This is the fourth sighting with James Cassidy having seen her twice and another friend not only seeing her but also a full blown appariton of a shepherd. I should really phone up the estate agents and have the ghost entered on the prospectus! :-)))

A couple of new dates have come in. The gig in Stockholm has been moved to a venue called Klubben. The previous one was the Studion which has now closed - thank God! A dismal wee hole that stank of raw sewage backstage and one we sold out every time we've played there. Klubben is a bigger venue and has far better facilities.
Nottingham Rock City is now in on the 5th of November (Mo says: see correction below!). They wanted me to play the crypt again but I insisted on the main hall as last time the sight lines and low ceiling were a pain in the ass.

Poland has proved a huge problem as the promoter's offers were dreadful and as he took so long to get organised we were left with few options.
This means that after Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit on the 25th Sept we take a day off and then hit Leipzig on the 27th, Prague Rock Cafe on the 28th and then head to Austria for other shows before hopefully heading to Poland for one show on the 2nd October. This is still very much in the air but Nigel my agent, Marek from the Company Poland and myself are doing our utmost to get a gig there.
France is proving a problem as most promoters are on holiday. I should have a full tour list for you this week.

Zippo have finally got it together and we will be receiving the new lighters hopefully for the convention. They are a bit good with the new Fish logo in Yellow/ gold above "Raingods with Zippos World Tour 1999 / 2000" in blue on a silver Zippo (not real silver BTW :-))))

Polish Videos arrive on Wednesday and the new merchandise including bathrobes, CD holders, umbrellas (of course), bum bags and a wild assortment of shirts will be at the convention and will be on the new merch list after that weekend.

I have a Cup for the football tournament as well as gold and silver medals for the winners and runners up.

Wes has also agreed to perform an acoustic solo set at the Waterside on the Sunday lunchtime before the Finals. For those of you not already booked up in the restaurant I would suggest you do so pretty quick as tables are becoming hard to get and it's a wee venue as some of you from the 97 convention will remember. Phone Jimmy Findlay on 01620 825674 if you want to book a place and remember to tell him you are with the convention.

We will be playing under the pseudonym "Derek and the Badgers" at the Victoria Arms on the Friday. The pub is right next to the Corn Exchange. We will only be warming up for about an hour starting at around 9pm.
For those of you in the Edinburgh area we will be playing a short acoustic set on Radio Forth's Rock show this Friday. It's pre recorded and will be on the new AM frequency which now hosts Edinburgh Rock this week between 6 and 9. Radio Forth will be taking a recording of both shows on the weekend but will be putting an edited concert from both nights out the following weekend rather than a direct live feed. This is due to the Edinburgh festival commanding so much of their air time. Good news is that the concert will be going out on the internet as well as the AM frequency. As soon as I have details I'll let you know where to find the site.
I'll try and give you a day to day run down on the run up to the convention weekend as well as supplying a weather forecast.
Today it is raining!!:-)))))

Final news for today is the support act for Sunday is the Steve Agnew band. A brilliant wee acoustic outfit they have been making a name for themselves up here and are well worth a listen. Steve btw is Pete Agnew's (bass player with Nazareth) son.
Mark Wilkinson has also confirmed he'll be here for both days but Steve Wilson may be otherwise engaged as he's helping a certain band mix an album at the moment - or so a wee keyboard playing birdie told me!

hear you later
lots of love
Onkel Fish x
Time: 14:37
Subject: Fish 99 - OOOPS!!!

Hi Fishheads, Freaks, fans and the Company,
Thanks for reminding me about the dates which I screwed up!! :-)
Nottingham Rock City is on the 3rd of November and Bolton Albert hall is on the 5th
sorry for that wee bit of confusion

Onkel Fish x

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