Email 23rd August 1999

Subject: Fish - 99 European tour

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, Fans and the Company
We are having a hellish time putting together the European tour for a number of reasons mostly to do with venue availabilities, offers below requirements and promoters being on holiday.
There's good news and bad news!
Good news is that Poznan is now confirmed for the 3rd of October at the Centre of Culture. It means a run of 5 shows in a row but it's the only way we could get a Polish gig on the tour.
We are hoping to get 2 Swiss shows for the 29th and 30th or one Austrian and one Swiss.
The dates have changed for the latter part with Bern on the 12th October, Wien on the 13th, 14th Off, 15th Milan, 16th Genova, 17th Luzerne and 18th Winterthur.
Marseille is sadly not happening due to the local promoter having taken heavy losses recently and being unwilling to take shows.
As this was one of our biggest markets it throws the entire French tour into dissaray.
I can't get a Paris show due to lack of available venues and the offers at the moment for provincial France are to say the least dreadful.
I will know tomorrow if the French leg will happen but I must admit it as being highly doubtful as the offers have to nearly double to make sense of our costs. At the moment we are being offered 1300 pounds a show. Our cost are 2300 pounds a day.
If the French tour doesn't happen then Spain will also go as their offers are equally bad and only a safety net of a series of guaranteed break-even French gigs make the Spanish dates possible as we are losing money on those shows.
This would mean a week off on the tour before the Brussels gig on the 30th and a possible Parisian suburb show the night before. The UK tour is safe.
I am really disappointed but the potential loss is too great to accommodate at this moment in time (or in fact any time)
I will know the score tomorrow as the French promoter is coming back with new figures.
The convention is setting itself up and no-one is looking forward to the 2 shows more than me!

The outlook is sunny in places

lots of love
Onkel Fish x

Subject: Fish 99 - 5 days and counting!

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, Fans and the Company
It is Sunny here at the moment and I live in hope!! :-)))

Quick news -
Steve Wilson will be at the convention and will be joining us on stage for some numbers!
I was at a book launch for old friend Iain Banks' book "The Business" in Edinburgh last night. Just started it but it is looking rather brill!:-))
Iain will be at the Sunday gig and the after show party - he is after all a closet rocker!! :-))) Tammi bought me the book on the night and I have an autographed copy!! I can be an awestruck fan as well you know!:-)))))

The Forth AM acoustic thing didn't happen due to technical hassles at the station and overbooked studios. There was an interview which went out and the station is punting the convention big time.

Rehearsals are going great. Liz sounds fantastic and breathes new life into some older songs. Wes and Tony are really getting to grips with the solos and although the lyrics are still on the music stand the fishy memory is coping!! Plague is a real struggle though!
Why do I write so many bleedin words? :-)

Yatta arrived today! the team assembles!

more news tomorrow
lots of love
Onkel Fish

ps I damaged my knee dancing on Friday in Edinburgh! First thing I thought of was the footy...

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