Email 26th August 1999

Time: 15:10
Subject: Fish 99 - European Tour and the weather report

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, Fans and the Company
A wee bit light shines on the French leg as we could be offered a TV in Paris at the MCM cafe on Tuesday 26th October.
With Brussels confirmed on the 30th we will have some days to fill. The MCM broadcast will obviously mean a strong promotional tool becomes available and we are using this to influence promoters in 3 cities that we are trying to get shows in. All is under negotiation at the moment.
Two more dates have been added to replace the missing Polish section. We will now be playing 2 more Swiss shows, Basle on the 30th September and Yverden Les Bans on the 1st October before heading North to Poznan on the 3rd for the only Polish gig on the tour.
I should hear from the French promoters and the TV on Monday so the full confirmation will be put up next week.
The Estonian gig is cancelled due to uncertainty on the freight charges which may or not have been levied.
We had covered the Estonian flights and the transport South to Gatwick. We had the PA and lights and the anthem sorted and the gig fee would have covered the wages. Problem was that the equipment couldn't be supplied over there so we had to bring 634 kilos of backline. Estonian Air said they would decided on the day of travel if they would charge us excess on the luggage depending on whether the plane was full or not. With an excess charge of 5 pounds per kilo each way we were looking at a potential bill of over 6000 pounds over and above the fee.
I couldn't take the risk on an airline being "understanding". If I had an airline that was from a country with an economic downswing and paying high rents for slots and parking at Gatwick and a rock and roll band showed up with 634 kilos of equipment needed for a show at the check in desk I would have a smile as wide as a 747 cockpit! That is if I was a complete bastard of course!
From past experiences I elected not to rely on the goodwill of the airline on the day and as they couldn't commit to the extra weight in advance I decided to pull the show.
On top of all that we only had a week or so to promote the show and Juri the promoter needed to see 3000 tickets to break even and cover our fees. Juri has been a friend of mine for a long time and I felt uncomfortable having him commit to such a stress filled gamble. We live to fight another day.
Belhaven Brewery from Dunbar were providing some of the support for the Estonian show and are disappointed that it hasn't happened. However they will be providing the bar for the BBQ at the Poldrate centre and at the house for the party. The beer will not be free I'm sad to say but it will be cheaper than London prices!! There will be a marquee at both events and a rock disco at the farm for the after show party on Sunday.
"Traprain" a folk / acoustic duo from Haddington will be playing at the Poldrate centre for the BBQ and will either be in the tent or in the "square" at the centre depending on the weather.
At the moment we are going from blinding sunshine to rain showers throughout the day. Temperatures are cool but handleable.
I suggest the American team brings some "Deep Heat" for their wee legs!
Wes touched the trophy for an instant today! It will probably be the last time as well! :-)))))
I haven't trained and like the rest of the Scottish squad will be relying on alcohol to take us through the pain barrier and to provide inspiring imaginative moves. A drunk football player weaving his way through a defense has a wonderful degree of unpredictability.

hear you all soon and see a lot of you sooner
lots of love
Onkel Fish x

Time: 21:36
Subject: Fish 99 - Haddington and the weather

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, Fans and the Company
The weather report for the weekend is 20 degrees both days with sun all day Saturday and occasional showers on Sunday. Temperatures drop to 14 on Saturday and 11 on Sunday.
The troops are already coming in with the Spanish Company already at Monksmuir and 2 French guys hustling a garage off a Tyneside 6 o'clock club member as they don't have a tent!!
Steve Wilson just arrived together with Mo and Pete!
Only bad news is that Zippo screwed up the lighter delivery and they won't be available this weekend! :-((((
They only had 3 months to get it together so were a bit rushed!! :-(((

The free pub gig tomorrow is at the Victoria Inn not the Victoria Arms. No worries there is only one Victoria anything in Haddington! :-)

lots of love
Onkel Fish x
who is still trying to remember the "Bloated corpses of unsolved murders...." section and will be reading it from a book on the night me thinks

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