Email 9th September 1999

Subject: Fish 99 The big bus calls!!

Dear Fishheads, freaks, fans and the Company
The roar of the greasepaint the smell of the crowd, the last visit to the chemist for all those necessary cures and potions. (Strepsil have a new super lozenge with zinc and vit c!) Being a married man I bodyswerved the contraceptive counter and forgot the pile cream! :-))))
Anyway it's on us and the suitcase came out from under the stairs and I get on with that awkward first pack! The dog knows I'm going and is even more agitated than normal. I can't say I'm looking forward to this. I would far rather be at home. But needs must and I await the rumble in the morning of our new mobile home for the next 8 weeks or so.
The French dates finally came together and the TV at MCM in Paris moved.
The dates on the end section before the Uk are confirmed as
Tuesday 26th October - Lille - Le Splendid
Wednesday 27th - Paris MCM - TV Cafe (free show)
Thursday 28th - Ris Orangis - Le Plan
Friday 29th - Luxembourg - Den Atelier
Saturday 30th - Brussels - Ancienne Belgique

The UK dates are as was and if anyone wants to help with sticking up a few posters please get in touch and we will send some out. If you are willing to help please be aware that posters should be stuck up only in places that will not cause problems namely main poster sites run by pro companies and on windows or phone boxes etc where the local authorities may take offense.
The complete tour with box office numbers and other info will be added to the site next week and posted by Karen to this list.
I'll be posting from the road on a regular basis

see you out there
all the best
lots of love
Onkel Fish x

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