Email 23rd September 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - Postcards from the Bus 1

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, Fans and the Company,
A little bit late but as always trying to get things together outwith normal routine on the road is tough. I have to use Yatta's laptop so there's always a problem getting the permissions as he's on line nearly all day! I'll sort out the last Haddy review sometime in the next few weeks but I'll bring you up to date with the news so far!
Holland was as storming as it could get and we could have hoped for. Groningen was a bit rusty and we realised that the set was in need of tightening. For those asking about whether I read the list on the road the answer is yes much to Yattas dismay for the reasons mentioned before. Incomplete was dropped as it left too big a hole in the curve of the set. Where it was before, after JGF meant that the show stalled too early and we couldn't find another place in the set for it. The show is still clocking in at 2 hours which I think is the maximum we can play on a regular basis on tour. I know some people want the full Convention style set but it's impractical for a number of reasons:
1 An extra 30 minutes a night in a run of 4 shows in a row is another 2 hours of singing
2 in reality most people can't handle that amount of on stage time at a gig and in effect you spoil the effect of a concise show.
3 curfews often mean tight scheduling and if we had a regular 2 hour 30 set we would be continually adjusting to suit and unable to sit on a fixed set therefore running into hassles with the "curve" again
4 Yatta doesn't like it! :-) Although we are finished playing the crew still have a load out and the bus driver still has another journey to make that night.
If an audience is demanding we are known to return to stage as most of you already know but the main set is locked in for a reason - it works! :-)))
The set was in order by Utrecht which as always was a blinder. It was great to get back there.
We are in Copenhagen tonight to a near sold out Pumphuset after a wondeful day off which was much needed after the hard slog through Sweden and Norway.
I'll post more later as some rare interviews have just shown up.

Just to close on some up to date news I have just landed a prominent role in the movie "Salvation's Door". The character is an ex SAS guy who is a hit man for an London East End gang locked in a territorial dispute with the Russian mafia. There's also a "Reservoir Dogs" type of betrayal in there. It's violent but with a smattering of dark comedy and will be quite "arty" in style.
Stephen Fry and Mike Reid are already confirmed with others waiting on shoot dates. It'll start 2 days after the Cambridge gig and I'll be shooting for about 6 weeks.
This is just what I've needed to get the "Other" career off and running again and ready for the thrust in 2000 towards setting up a wholly parallel career that I have been discussing for the last year.
Anyway interviews call!

talk to you later
lots of love
Onkel Fish x

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