Email 25th October 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - The Fog! The Fog! Make it Stop!!!:-)

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, Fans and the Company,
Well the bus is about to roll up the drive again and I feel a hell of a lot better than I did 5 days ago! I am still recovering but the voice is back up to about 85% and with the gig in Lille tomorrow I'm confident all will be ok for the upcoming shows. This infection that grabbed my voicebox and chest was without doubt the worst I can remember in 18 years and even I was concerned about this week's dates. Only worry is that with our luck and the current French / British scat over beef is that we'll get caught up in traffic jams or ferry terminal mayhem! Bugger! :-)
A wee bit of bad news is that Squeeky can't make the US trip as he is committed to his other band "Smile" a pop/rock combo that are starting to get a fair bit of attention. I understand his need to focus on this as there's not much work from the Fish camp this year. Despair thee not! The position is covered and although I will have to rehearse in Florida for a couple of days more his replacement who will be named shortly is more than capable of covering and is recommended by the Stick meister himself.
Hard luck Scotland after the All Blacks defeat! Great game but what do you do when you have monsters like Lumo 5 inches bigger than me and about 100 pounds heavier coming at you at a sprint with a ball in their hands and going for the line! You give him the line!! :-) Pity that's all the Northern teams out now but it's fun watching rugby with Wes and watching him squirm at the tackles and contact without padding/ helmets/ body armour/ breaks every 2 minutes for players to recover!! :-). For Scotland time to think again as the tome goes! Hope you've recovered Bill Mac Knees!!:-)
Your shoulders are probably well bruised after bouncing round Edinburgh all night! :-)
Before I head off for a quick meeting with a Film director about the "Rebus" series I told you about I just wanted to copy you on an e from Tony Whitehead which may or may not provide a wee door to help the upcoming UK shows -

"I've just been reading on your web site that Chris Evans has recently mentioned you on his Radio show and I thought I would let you know how it came about.
On September 19 I was sitting in my pub, it was a Sunday morning at about 9.30am I saw Chris Evans walking past carrying a purple chair so I called out to him. We got talking about you and I was telling him how good Raingods was and asked him to play it. He had just come from one of the hotels in Mayfair, he told me he had a great weekend with an America Actress Tara Reid. Anyway he was playing your song Tara on my juke box and he loved it he asked me for my copy of Raingods and promised he would play it the next day. Then he invited me to the Virgin studios so I went along and he intruded me to Danny Baker who was live on air, I asked if he would play some of your songs he said he likes some of your stuff and if he got e-mails or requests he would. We then went to the Havistock Pub and Chris starting sing Kayleigh in the taxi, he's not bad He said this pub is his local and it's in Belize Park that's why he likes the song. I asked him about T.F.I. Friday, he said you would be very welcome on his show anytime. It was about 7.30pm now and I told my staff I would only be an hour, I was rotten drunk but before I left I reminded Chris about his promise he gave me the direct number to the studio and told me to telephone in the morning so I did he apologised and said he had lost the CD and some of his other belonging so that is why he played Kayleigh and not Raingods. Maybe Chris should receive another CD with plenty of e-mails, he's actually a very nice person and not the prat some people think he is. See you in the Mean Fiddler or next time you or the gang are in London pop in for a drink, you will be very welcome.
Good luck, Tony.
p.s the reason why he was carrying the purple chair was that Tara had sung a song to him while sitting in it and he thought it was very romantic and decided to send the chair to her."

If you fancy a pint with our Tony you can find him at Shepherds Tavern, 50 Hertford Street, Mayfair, London W1Y 7HJ.
Tony at

You can e-mail Chris at Virgin:
team at

Right that's it for a couple of weeks! I'll try and get to you from the road! Fingers crossed everybody! Chocks away!!
Love Onkel Fish XX

Ps. the video for "Goldfish and Clowns" from Poland is being sent to Tommy Vance today so if you can send request in to him then maybe we can pick up some plays of what I consider one of the best clips I've had for years! A bit long but..... you never know! :-)

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