Email 9th November 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - US idea!

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, Fans and the Company,
Well it continues! Wes while visiting the Marillos before going home to sunnier climes had a last encounter (he hopes) with the Fog! After a night out with Steve Rothery who was in stitches at the stories from the tour he went back to his room and put on the DAT of the best recorded show on the tour so far! As the Koln show rewinded a strange smell emanated from the player and all the bleeping flashing lights went out. The machine began to smoke and locked up with the tape stuck inside. We don't know the end result until he gets home but it looks bad! :-((((( Bugger!
I still have some other shows including the Paradiso which was recorded on ADAT. I have to review that this week sometime but it appears that there was a problem with 2 of the channels so it's a 6 rather than 8 track. The mini discs are still to be reviewed as when we discovered the faulty ADAT we resigned to recording on mini disc!
Hopefully we will have a record of this tour somewhere but if not then we will record the American dates although it seems highly probable that Squeeks will not be there!
Haddington was recorded but as the band were still finding their feet the tightness isn't yet there and we lost "Faithhealer"!
I have an idea which I'll be talking to Karen and Tammi about later today. It falls into the "cunning" compartment!

Ok a wee bit fun and trivia!

"I just have on tiny little question that's bothered me since I saw you on the Brussels gig.
On your right side, there was a block of "Marshalls" above which was some some of apparatus I could not identify. The thing is that there was a running text (in red letters) on it. The text read as follows : "WE RE NOT PISSED YA KNOW".
What's this all about?
(just greatful fishhead from Brussels)"

Aficionados of the UK comedy series "The Fast Show" will get this straight off! It was a sketch involving a dysfunctional family all of whom were alcoholics in denial!
I don't need to explain further but I think it was Steve Vantsis that entered the message on Wes's effects rack!
Other "Fast Show" tourisms were the sometimes heard "Sminky Pinky, buetros gali" etc during the "speaking in tongues" section in Plague! I even think I indulged in this on the French TV show! File under 'Light Relief'! :-)

Coming to think of it toward the end there were a couple of "The Fog, The Fog, Make it stop" entries as well somewhere in Plague as well!!

Positive news. I talked to Mark Wilkinson yesterday and the "Masque" book is finally going ahead. We will be working on this toward the end of the year and it will take in the new artwork for "Candlelight in Fog". A deal has been offered which we have both accepted and we hope to release the book together with the album in May next year all things going to plan.
As well as the "Masque" book I figure it's about time I put the lyric book together as well for the same time span also taking in the workings for the new album.

I start rehearsals for the Rebus programme tomorrow so it's time to get my acting head together. As I said it's not a big role but enough to get back into that way of thinking! The voice is getting better every day but still not back to singing quality. By the time of shooting in late November I should be ok - fog permitting! :-)

I soldier on
lots of love
Onkel Fish x

Ps - I forgot to tell you that Mario from the Company Germany sent this in to me!
"You can vote by E-Mail for B52-Clip on the Onyx-Jukebox Show! Send an E-Mail to the Onyx-Jukebox and paste this into:
Ich wünsche mir den Video-Clip "Brother 52" von "Fish"!
E-Mail adress is: jukebox at
The show is broadcasted every weekday from 6pm to 7pm (German-Time)
You can find Onyx at the following satellite-coordinates:
Satellit: Eutelsat Hot Bird 4, 13Grad East
Transponder 99
Frequenz 12.692 GHz/Horizontal
Sendenorm MPEG-2/DVB
Symbolrate 27.500/FEC 3/4
Mit freundlichen Grüssen

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