Email 17th November 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - request for information

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, fans and The Company
I received an e mail today from someone I am trying to find. If anyone can supply a contact address, phone number or know of this person through their contacts I would sincerely appreciate if you could get in touch with me privately.
There is a good chance that the name may be a false id and that he is using a false address. This is a serious matter and any directions from the "pros" out there is extremely welcome.

The info I have is as follows-
x-Originating-IP : []
From "Mike Hunt" (kblockkiller at
recd 17th November 1999 09:59:56 GMT

The origination is I think UK because of the receipt as GMT and the sign off which is "Anyway must dash"
The person is into horror movies - "Cannibal Holocaust" and is I think an ex Freak or Company Member with long term e-access as he mentions "reunions".
Sorry for the bandwidth for those of you who can't help out on this but anyone who may be able to help I would sincerely appreciate any advice or information on this person.
I repeat that this is a serious matter.

all the best

Subject: Fish 99 - Thanks!

I just wanted to thank all of you who responded to my appeal for knowledge of the "Mike Hunt" individual.
It appears that the e-mail originated from Leicester De Montfort University and thanks to all of you who provided info the systems administrator knows which terminal was used. As the person concerned responded to my request to resend the post the Uni logs will prove the user at the time.
I won't post what was sent to me as it may prove too upsetting to some. It was a death threat both to myself and more importantly my entire family in descriptive detail. I took it very seriously. The police were informed and I hope to have the individuals name tomorrow when he is confronted at his work.
De Montfort's systems admin have been outstanding in discovering that this person used one of two terminals and as he posted twice it is relatively simple to work out who this was. As he resent the post the time span and usage time are both locked in as proof of his threats.
Without being pointed at the De Montfort connection this would never have been discovered.

Thanks again for helping me out.

all the best

Subject: Fish 99 - Proud and defeated!

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, Fans and the Company
If any Englishman can say that after tonight's Scottish performance at Wembley (0-1 to Scotland, 2-1 on aggregate) that their side deserves to go through after being outplayed, dominated and shown to be the boring, bland, unimaginative and passionless side that they are then stand up and I will point you out as a smug liar!!!!!!!
I am immensely proud to be Scottish tonight! We should have won! (as always:-)
But tonight we showed that the European Championships will be missing not only the greatest fans in the World but also the team that gives football some of the magic that attracts so many to the greatest game in the World!!!!
In the words of the Liverpool Bard "How do you sleep?"
The other Europeans will cuff you sideways and beyond!
We Wuz Robbed!!!! (I hate Dave Seaman and he's a fan!)
Farewell Holland and Belgium next year! I had a dream!!!! :-(((((

Lots of love
Onkel Fish X

If only I was a 25 year old striker!!!

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