Email 24th November 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - Request for photos and Scottish TV!

Dear Fishheads, freaks, Fans and the Company
For the Scottish contingent there is a programme on STV on Sunday 28th at 12.10pm called "Summer Nights" which contains a short interview with me backstage at the James Taylor concert at Lennoxlove discussing the event and the Business. The concert was put on by "Hurtle Parrot" a company owned and run by the ex Dick Bros promo/office "staff", Jane Findlay and Shona Ford. Lennoxlove is near Haddington and a possible future venue for conventions of an open air nature!
Steve Vantsis is due to arrive soon to begin writing the next fanzine! As we are short on photos of the tour I'd appreciate if anyone out there has decent photos if they could send them in! Don't forget to write your name on the back of all the prints so we can credit you! Please only send in your idea of "good" shots as it saves us going through lots of film!

lots of love
Onkel Fish X

Subject: Fish 99 - SAS gigs and US tour news

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, Fans and the Company
Well I got the dates mixed up didn't I!
The SAS shows are on Friday 10th (still some left phone Jill asap)
Artists appearing: Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann), Paul Young (Mike and The Mechanics), Mark Shaw (Then Jericho), Carl Wayne (The Move), Jess Roden, Tom Robinson and Fabba as well as moi!
Saturday 11th (sold out as far as I know) Chris Thompson, Paul Young, Stevie Vann, Leo Sayer, Fabba, Moi and some surprises! Last year it was Brian May, Mike Rutherford, Roger Taylor so you get the drift! :-)
Sorry this came late to you but I was only confirmed on the shows 2 days ago. Spike knew I was going to come down but he sent me the confrirmed dates a wee bit late - sorry!
On the subject of the American mini tour-
Squeeky will not be there as he is booked with "Smile"
I heard from Flip re the Philly show. In order not to waste your money on charges please read the following.
"Tickets are being sold now online ( and from the TLA direct... 215-922-1011 - ticket master is also ready, but charging another 5.50 dollars per ticket and another 3 dollars handling fee.... The TLA is only 2.50 dollars per....
Get 'em while you can... this is a general admission room!!!!"

Philly will be the "convention" with a meet and greet in the hall and a wee special soundcheck for those of you who are Company North America members. Tom, Rob, JJ, Jeff, Tom and Dolores are setting up meets in bars or other places for the other dates with the possibility of soundcheck entry for some of the gigs.
I repeat these are for Co NA members only so sign on if you want to come in!

Thanks for all the e's re offers of other dates. I am sorry but this is as far as I can travel on this jaunt. I am on a firearms course when I return on the 2nd week of February and then straight into rehearsals for "Salvation's Door". We can't come earlier due to logistics/cost/availability so these regretfully are the only 5 shows planned this year.
Please don't suggest Venezuela, Missouri, Canada, West Coast or other places because as much as we would love to come we can't!!

More news as soon as it comes in!
lots of love
Onkel Fish X

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