Email 4th December 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - American Company info and more news on the SAS shows and Issue 30CD!

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, Fans and the Company,
Apologies for the bandwidth on the Freaks list but here for some of you who are not on that list are the details of the Company North America. I understand there are a lot of people thinking about going over to Florida for the shows and to escape this abysmal British Winter. Here therefore are the contacts that could prove useful -

The Company North America
Po Box 34344
Omaha, NE

Jeff Kuhns - Membership/Merchandise
Tom Pickel - Official Website
JJ Sargent - Publications
Rob Galardi - Conventions
Tom & Dolores Breidenstein - Production

Greetings! Thanks for your interest in joining The Company North America. This is sure to be an exciting year for Fish in North America. He's getting ready for a whirlwind East Coast mini-tour as part of an ongoing week-long bachelor party for his good friend and guitarist, John Wesley! More info on the tour can be found at our website and you can join the tour info mailing list by sending email to themagicbuss-subscribe at
Congratulations. If you sign up today, you can take advantage of a NEW MEMBER special we are currently holding. You will receive one of our white CONA t-shirts absolutely free. Sizes are LARGE and EXTRA-LARGE. If you wish to take advantage of this special offer, please tell us your requested size.
Also, please be sure to request our current merchandise list, as you are immediately eligible for all membership discounts offered through us and our parent The Company Scotland.

New Members: $20.00* US
$25.00* Canada & Mexico
$28.00* Rest of the World
At this time, please make all checks/money orders payable to "The Company North America" and include the words "CoNA Membership" in the memo of your check. Only checks or money orders written on US Banks can be accepted at this time.

Name: _____________________________________________________________
Address Line 2:____________________________________________________
City:________________________ State: _______ Zip:____________
Email (optional):___________________________________________________
Website (optional):_________________________________________________
Phone number (optional):____________________________________________

Type of membership (circle one):
New US ($20.00)
New Canada/Mexico ($25.00)
New Intercontinental ($28.00)

Enclose this form (or fascimile), the correct amount of US funds on a US check/money order, and your old membership card (if applicable). Please be sure to fill in all required information. We are not responsible for forms filed incorrectly, cash, lost membership cards, lost mail, or acts of God.
Visit the Official Company North America Website

Other news is that I'll be playing my "normal" set with the SAS band. "Lucky", "Lavender", "Faithhealer" and "With a Little Help From My Friends".

Just to clarify the Issue 30 CD.
It's given away instead of a fanzine to those with current subscriptions instead of a fanzine issue. So technically I suppose it is not free! I apologise for the wrong wording!
It's available to Company members only ie any Company be it Germany, Holland, Scandinavia or North America. The price including postage and packaging for anywhere in the World is 5 pounds sterling for a cd containing a selection of live material from 1999 totalling around 70 minutes of playing time.
It will be in a cardboard sleeve with a design by Mark Wilkinson.

Wes has managed to salvage the Koln DAT from his player with the pro assistance of Mark Prator. That gives us Koln, Amsterdam and Haddington as possible sources of material. I am still waiting on the Polish DAT and will be contacting Harry and Astrid in Holland for recordings of the acoustic radio material we performed in Groningen.

Steve Vantsis and I finally put the fanzine to bed on Thursday and we hope to have it back from the printers in 2 weeks. A Christmas rush it will definitely be! It totals 80 pages and I think it's the best issue we have ever put together.

Lucy Jordache had posted this to the Freaks list. Anyone fancy notching some votes then now hear this!
"Go to - this is a UK music magazine and there is a voting form for music of the millennium. Don't waste your votes on best album, best band etc., but there is a section of best album ever which I suggest we all vote for either Misplaced Childhood or Brave (or RWZ Lucy :-). These may not be your favourites but if we all work together we might make a difference. Let's all give it a go. Send this email to all your friends and ask them in this season of goodwill to help the cause."
and the funniest one!
"In the 'which pop personality would make the best Prime Minister for Scotland and why?' section I think we all know the answer to that!"
That's right - you got it! Vote for Marti Pellow!! :-)

That's all for now! It's Saturday and I'm off for a walk down the old railway line with the family and the dog to look at a ruin!

lots of love
Onkel Fish X

ps Got this in from Craig Wolf -
"Thought other Company folks or Fishheads might like to know the contact info for the Atlanta gig. The phone/address info is as follows: The Variety Playhouse is located at 1099 Euclid Avenue in Little Five Points. For additional information you can call our office at (404) 524-7354. Ticketmaster says the show's on sale 3 December at 10:00 am. Woo hoo!"

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