Email 17th December 1999

Subject: Fish 99 - Crosswords and tumbling hamsters!

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, Fans and the Company,
First of all I have been asked to send you this from Darren Pontin -
"I don't know whether or not you're aware of the fact that I'm running a crossword competition at the moment.
I have posted the competition to the Freaks list, but as the prizes on offer are so fantastic, I wondered if you'd consider posting the competition details out to the e-Web & Fishheads e-mail lists ? I'm sure that in this way the competition would reach out to many more people than the 1500 or so who are on the Freaks list.
The prizes on offer have been donated by Lucy J from EMI, and are either a Platinum Script Disc, or a Gold Seasons Disc. I'm sure you agree that these prizes, and the chance to win one of them should be placed before as wide an audience as possible.
The URL for the crossword is
The closing date for entries is currently set at midnight (GMT) on Christmas Eve"

What follows is so funny that I suggest that you take a firm grip of your seat!
Squeeky has been down at Mark Daghorn's and Tony Turrell's studio working on the new Positive Light album with John Wesley. Tony asked Squeeks to stay at his place while recording and our main man appeared there last Friday or so!
On arrival he enters Tony's living room and seeing a small pink ball on the floor and in the way of his progress gives it an almighty boot into the corner of the room! Tony's girlfriend let out an almighty scream as within the pink ball and playing merrily away was her prized hamster who crawled out of his favourite plaything very dazed and confused! Need it be said that Her indoors was not amused! :-)))))))))

The American dates are selling slowly but surely and any additional help with promotion is greatly appreciated. I am bringing over all the NTSC videos and a clutch of Remasters for the shows (no Marillo stuff - sorry! EMI charges us too much for these and the Customs duty is a killer!:-((( ) as well as T-shirts and some other stuff including Zippos!

I have also had an offer for a live Internet broadcast from the Philly show which I am currently looking into! More news as it comes in!

The audition for "Metal Gods" went well and I am now being considered for one of two roles! If I get the news I hope for in January then this could mean quite a long time in LA in late Spring! Obviously if this comes off I will put some serious thought into bringing the band over for a couple of shows on the West Coast! Please don't read this as done as it is all dependent on the movie coming through! Just to let you all know that I'm still thinking of you!

Hibs v Hearts on Sunday live on SKY Sports 3 at 6pm (UK) if you fancy a laugh! I hate these games. Too much adrenalin and grief with these derbys! I'll be on BBC Radio Scotland on Monday with the "Offside" team to discuss this and other football topics ! Tune in if you fancy another laugh!

Fanzines are late from the printers but will be sent on Monday! International members will be waiting a bit longer but after you have gone through all the excitement of Christmas day and all the presents are opened you will at least have something to unwrap and read in the toilet when you have to get away from that mad auntie!

That's all for now! have a great weekend! remember only a week till Christmas! See you in the stores in Edinburgh on Christmas Eve! :-) What me Worry! :-)

lots of love
Onkel Fish X

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