Email 24th March 2000

Subject: Fish 2000 - Woka Woka and other gigs!

Dear Freaks, Fishheads, Fans and the Company,

It's Friday and Fish day so here is the news!
The convention weekend in August is not happening so those of you who jumped the gun and booked accommodation even though I said not to - please cancel immediately!
I had the Corn Exchange for the Sunday but the Church was double booked on the Saturday with a flower festival! They wouldn't allow us a booking on that night and as I beleive that the acoustic night has now become part of the tradition of the Convention Weekend I declined the offer to join the Official Music Festival on that weekend.
I am still hopeful and very confident that I can deliver not only a unique Scottish Convention but also a Dutch and German convention that will more than make up for a lack of European touring this year.

The Feast of Hope in Switzerland in May has attracted a lot of rumours in recent weeks especially after the "surprise" last year and the night out a few weeks ago with all the usual suspects. At the moment the only person confirmed as attending is Steve Hogarth together with his solo band. I talked to Mark Kelly this week and neither he nor the other remaining members of the band will be attending. As I have no active band at present I am also not intending to perform though I may attend the Festival as an International wine enthusiast.
No and I repeat no Marillion reunion is happening there or anywhere else at present, or in the forseeable future!

The private gig on March 11th was in Wales at the Regimental Headquarters of the SAS Regiment. When in Bosnia in 96 I had spent a night in Sarajevo at one of their "safehouses" and experienced what could only be described as a Fellini night. The overall memory of that evening is a rendition reserved for late evenings with close friends and the autobiography.

The Bosnian tour proved a major success and we developed quite a reputation amongst the military elements involved down there. I stayed in touch with a number of people from various countries including members of the SAS Squadron based in Bosnia at the time. The request for us to play had been put in by a friend from the Regiment last year for an acoustic gig as part of a late Millennium celebration party and I couldn't really refuse.

We drove down on the Saturday and played a set that evening to the squadron members and their wives and girlfriends after a set dinner. The band was Squeeky - drums, Steve Vantsis - bass, Frank Usher and Aaron Lawson - Guitars, Foss Patterson - Keyboards and yours truly chanting!

set -
Somebody Special
Lady Let it Lie
Change of Heart
Chasing Miss Pretty
Sugar Mice
Out Of My Life
Internal Exile

It was a tough crowd in every sense of the word! :-)))) They stayed pretty quiet throughout but after the set everyone kept coming up and saying "Wow great set", "Brilliant gig" etc etc. We enjoyed playing tbh and with my "new" voice there were added bonuses!
Next day we were taken up for some low contour flying in an Augusta 400 helicopter! With Foss and Frank veterans already of Woka Woka it was great to see Aaron and Steve coming off the flight with GaGa faces! Squeeky and I were playing it cool! :-)
For obvious reasons the gig we played in Wales demands discretion so please excuse the lack of Fishy detail on this occasion!

I am awaiting news on a Bosnian and Kosovan tour this Summer but it is dependent on the "temperature". I am talking to a journalist friend who was in contact from Pristjina throughout the debacle and who in turn is in contact with the UN. Hopeful - Yes!!

The Issue 30cd is on it's way from Elliot Ness and I have the US material for listening! Fanzine readers you have it in your hands as you read this! Fishheads it is coming. Hope you like it!

Everything else in my life is bubbling magma-like awaiting decisions on direction and commitment. Frustrated? Stressed? Impatient? Under pressure? Tell me about it!!!!!!

Nothing is happening and everything else is waiting on a cue, waiting on a sign, waiting in the pipeline!
lots of love
Onkel Fish x

np- Drambuie Kirkliston Pipe band - A Link with the 45 :-)))))))

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