Email 26th June 2000

Subject: Fish 2000 - Candlelight and the SAS album

Dear Freaks, Fishheads, Fans and the Company,

I've been busy again with what seems like nothing and everything.

Finally, I can give you the dates for Candlelight in Fog. Steve Vantsis has put together a full colour sleeve and Calum Malcolm has once again done a great job of mastering the album. It goes into production this week and will be with you end of the second week in July.

After hearing the finished product I have decided to make this a 3000 limited edition rather than a full commercial release. It'll only be available through the mail order system.

In all honesty there are some elements of the vocal that I would have preferred to have edited out as my performance in sections is not what I would call representative. The Philly show takes up most of the album and I have added the Clutching section from New York. For those of you who have already heard the Web broadcast you will understand my reasoning behind this. Calum's mastering however has added to the sound quality which is far superior to the original broadcast.
Anyone who buys the album will get a voucher included which entitles them to 2 UK pounds discount on other titles named on the list. It's a souvenir of that tour and should be treated as such, which is why I decided to limit the numbers. I have tapes of the European shows which are good enough quality to warrant a release to retail. The Candlelight USA version has a great band performance and drama within the vocals that make the whole worth releasing. The sound is, in my opinion, excellent and one of the best of the "official" bootleg series.

Track listing is as follows -
CD 1
The Philadelphia Show
1 Faithhealer (Harvey/McKenna) 6:19
2 Lucky (Dick/Boult/Simmonds) 5:21
3 intro - American Football and Jason's story 3:40
4 Just Good Friends (Dick/Usher/Simmonds/Boult) 6:29
5 intro - Happy Birthday and Doc's memorial 4:23
6 Brother 52 (Dick/Wilson) 6:18
7 intro - Air conditioning and the Fog 4:18
8 Hotel Hobbies (Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley 4:37
9 Warm Wet Circles (Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley) 6:20
10 That Time of the Night (Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley) 4:48
11 Tumbledown (Dick/Simmonds) 6:15
12 intro - Gascooker rap 7:23

CD 2
1 Plague of Ghosts - (i) Old Haunts (ii) Digging Deep (iii) Chocolate Frogs (iv) Waving at Stars
(vi) Raingods Dancing (vii) Wake Up Call (make it happen) (Dick/Turrell/Daghorn) 35:36
2 Cliché (Dick/Simmonds/Lindes) 6:39
3 The Perception of Johnny Punter (Dick/Wilson) 3:40
4 intro - Company address 6:42
5 The Company (Dick/Simmonds) 5:39

From the New York City Show
6 Hotel Hobbies (Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley) 4:37
7 Warm Wet Circles (Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley) 4:19
8 That Time of the Night (Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley) 6:17

The other new album available from July is the much awaited SAS album and video. I received this from Bridge recordings who are the company dealing with the release.

Current running order:

1. Blinded by the light - Chris Thompson
2. All I need is a miracle - Paul Young
3. Every day hurts - Paul Young
4. Big area - Mark Shaw
5. Fire - Arthur Brown
6. My Generation - Leo Sayer
7. Time warp - Richard O' Brien
8 I just wanna make love to you - Stevie Lange
9. 2-4-6-8 Motorway - Tom Robinson
10. Every Time you go away - Paul Young
11. Hammer to fall - Tony Hadley
12. Just good friends - Fish
13. California Man - Roy Wood
14. Radio ga ga - Roger Taylor
15. Show must go on - Chris Thompson

Just good friends (Dick/Usher/Simmonds/Boult) Hit and Run Music Publishing
Vocal: Fish & Elisabeth Troy Antwi
Keys: Spike Edney
Guitar: Jamie Moses
Guitar: Laurie Wisefield
Bass: Steve Stroud
Drums: Mark Brzezicki

"The video is really long - about 2 hours at the moment. Looking good so far. History of the SAS Band - rehearsal footage - sound bytes from crowds through the years - some old bits of footage - mixing of the album footage - plus the whole concert."

We are now taking orders for both the video and the album through the FIS merchandise service.
When ordering please quote SAS01 for the album and SAS02 for the video.
Both items are 16.50 UK pounds each including post and packaging. Video is only available in PAL format at the moment. ie not compatible with the USA.
Donations from the album are going to the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

With the Bosnian tour only a couple of weeks away rehearsals are now on us. For those of you interested we play the following dates -

7th and 8th of July - Banja Luka
9th Mrjonic Grad
10th Sipovo
11th Sarajevo
13th Split

Dave Gould is putting together a special tour T-shirt for this and it will be made available on the merch list in the next couple of weeks together with the new Chocolate Frog Record Company T-shirt!
More news very soon

lots of love
Onkel Fish x

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