Email 7th September 2000

Subject: Fish 2000 - Fellini Days - San Diego and LA location shoots

Dear Freaks, Fishheads, Fans and the Company,

Just to let you know that I'll be arriving in San Diego on the 12th and leaving on the 19th. I've talked with the Company North America and they are going to try and organise a Fellini Night at a bar or happening spot in the city while I am there. I rehearse on the Thursday and the suggestion is to go for that night as the set is only an hour and I'll be free early on.
JJ has my contact numbers while I am over. The Microsoft gig on the Friday night is a private affair but the LA gig at the Troubadour on Sunday September 17 is a normal full SAS show and open to all comers. Tickets will be on sale this week. I don't know the price, sorry!
The venue is at 9081 Santa Monica Boulevard (between Robertson & Doheney) Tel 310 276 6168. We need as much support on this as any of you can provide as it's short notice and Spike is taking a gamble that we will sell enough tickets to cover ourselves (sound familiar). We just wanted to take advantage of the generosity of Microsoft with the flights and hotels etc and play another show that is open to all.

I will be travelling to LA on the Sunday of the gig and staying over till Tuesday morning when we fly back to Gatwick from San Diego.

Any promo or advertising on this gig is vastly appreciated by Spike and the band. We all know it's short notice and are dependent on word of mouth amongst fans and interested parties. If you are coming then drag along as many of your friends as possible. I promise it will be worth the effort. Phone your local stations or contact your local press with the details of the show or spread the news on the web.

The SAS videos and CD's ordered from FIS are on their way to you today as we finally received them from Bridge Recordings yesterday. I saw the video for the first time today and it's very impressive. I was reminded of the need to lose some weight for the Fellini tour!:-)
It was weird seeing Paul Young perform and our shenanigans backstage after the Chiddingfold show. It's a great memory to have.
Anyone thinking about ordering either the album or video will not be disappointed. It's a great collection of songs and artists and I am sure that after the Troubadour there will be a lot of talk on future touring. If this LA show is well received Spike is already talking about more US shows next year. Who knows I may get a support slot! :-))))

I am still waiting on the definitive itinerary from the South American promoter and should have it tomorrow. Kosovo is 4 shows in Pristjina in a 2500 capacity gym in the city centre between the 30th November and the 3rd of December. I am trying to hole up there for a week around the shows in order to get the "studio" operational. It is highly likely that one of the shows will be recorded for transmission on BFBS - the British Forces radio and TV network.

Spike is also interested in an Internet broadcast of the LA show BTW. I'll keep you informed.

There have been rumours of a Brian May involvement (Hi Motti) in my career. I can only say that I have talked to Brian a few times in recent months and we are looking at an idea of writing together for the "Clarinda" movie due to start shooting in March/April 2001. Nothing is definite yet but our intentions are clear. All I can say is that Brian and I are good friends and he has expressed a clear desire to work together at some point and that he would love to contribute to a project if only as a "cameo" role. The situation is open and time will tell what happens.
With Roger Taylor also a collaborator and friend from the SAS lineup and Spike being Queen's ex keyboard maestro it is not difficult to imagine a "coming together" in a studio/writing situation. If the will is there...

Steve Wilson is very tied up with Porcupine Tree and if he gets involved with Fellini it will be as a special guest rather than as a mover/shaker in the project. With Elliot Ness at the controls all is possible and I am confident that Elliot can steer the project into the areas I require.

The two pound voucher given away with Candlelight in Fog is after discussion with Tammi open indefinitely so please ignore the "buy by date". The European live album from 99 will be together by the end of October latest and so vouchers can be exchanged for that title when it comes along.

I will be gathering info on the new band for Mo in the next 2 weeks and providing links to the relative sites. Alan Brown's photo will also be up on the site so our hit ratio should go through the roof as far as certain drooling young ladies go! (It'll take a certain person's mind of the unwarranted slagging she's been taking recently)

Elliot went home yesterday after pronouncing the studio wiring as salvagable and the technical brief on the recording as being "tough work" but exciting and original. I'll tell you more on the ideas when I've discussed the equipment specs with our potential backers.

Apologies to all the Falkirk fans out there. Hibs in the quarter finals with another last gasper from our friend Russell Latapy from Trinidad!
It's all going to script. Hope the second act is a stormer!

lots of love
Onkel Fish x

ps I should be in the Mirror on Sunday. Another Taggart press office coup! Forgive me! It may be a bit "shock/horror/expose" but hey it was all true! :-))))))))))

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