Email 8th September 2000

Subject: Fish 2000 - Fellini Days - The South American Shooting Schedule and location checks in Europe!

Dear Freaks, Fishheads, Fans and the Company,

It is coming together nicely and this post I am very pleased about for a number of reasons - most of them living in South America!

October 31 Fly from London to Santiago/Chile
November 1 arrive to Santiago - Day Off
November 2 Press in Santiago
November 3 Show Santiago
November 4 Fly to Buenos Aires/Argentina - Day Off
November 5 Show Buenos Aires
November 6 Fly to Sao Paulo/Brazil - Day Off
November 7 Show Sao Paulo
November 8 Fly to Caracas/Venezuela - Day Off
November 9 Show Caracas
November 10 Fly to San Jose/Costa Rica - Show Costa Rica
November 11 Fly Home

The venues will be named in the next few days but this is the geographical itinerary.

There will be UK warm up dates put in before this tour in order to rehearse the band in front of Fishheads. I am working on these today.

It has been decided that due to suitable venues for a 2 day convention in Holland being unavailable that we will play one show in Germany and one in Holland on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th November. Mario, Harry and Astrid from the relevant Companies are sorting the venues out now but the conventions will be on these dates and they will be full electric sets. Any Company member from any country has the right to buy tickets for either show in the same way as I organise the Haddington Conventions. We figure if someone is willing to pay for an airticket to see a gig then they will be welcomed with open arms by the host company. That is what the Company is all about as those of you who have attended the conventions already know. Ticketing details will be on all the Company sites as soon as we can make them available.
I had originally wanted to play one acoustic gig in a special venue (old theatre or church) on the Friday and then an electric night on the Saturday in the same city for both Companies somewhere on the border. This idea has received a lot of support but as it is proving too difficult to find appropriate locations in time we have decided to organise a major European convention, possibly outdoor in Holland next Summer in the same time frame as the Haddington Convention and other possible open air events.

I am waiting on details on John Young's website to point you in his direction as he is playing his own fan club gig on November 12th in London. I am sure he'd appreciate your support at this event and it'll be a great chance to catch the longest solo he'll be playing for the next 4 months! :-)))))

On a personal note I am totally sick of the current content of the Freaks list re this constant slanging match between certain individuals. Rather than subject the rest of the occupants of our wee dual universe with this never ending childish one upmanship how about giving us all a break and taking it outside, either to the Marillion list or privately. It's sad that the content of the most frequent posters is so negative and vitriolic and petty. The Freaks list is not the Marillion or Racket Records complaints department. There is a lot of positive stuff happening out there from both camps and it would be appreciated if we could all focus on those issues rather than on personal bitching that is taking up a hell of a lot of bandwidth.
Chill it!

There are a lot of Fishheads out there who left Freaks and more who have never set foot in the place because of this kind of atmosphere. If this persists then the possibility of a separate Fishheads list will become a reality if it means that some people who want to can communicate and exchange opinions without resorting to or being the subject of cynical psycho violence. I know there are a lot of people that have drifted off to alternative chatrooms and lists who are genuine friendly and intelligent individuals. Freaks is a meeting point for a number of factions with different views and opinions and who can express themselves in an educated, polite and intelligent manner. Lets bring some of those characters back to the fold and get a vibe going again. We don't need mail censors or list police. We should have the self control to monitor our own personal output. As I was told when I first started a flame war way back - easiest thing - THINK BEFORE YOU POST!

OK that's it from me for now. Back with more positive material tomorrow!

lots of love Onkel Fish x

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