Email 9th September 2000

Subject: Fish 2000 - More Fellini Days

Dear Freaks, Fishheads, Fans and the Company,

A slight fogginess in the air today! First is the bad news that the 2 fan club conventions in Germany and Holland have to be postponed.
John Young has sung and played on the new Greenslade album and their management have been very helpful to me in moving 3 shows in December to allow JY to play in Kosovo and thus allow me to keep a set band together throughout the South American section and the Balkan shows. They have been offered gigs over the planned convention weekend and I have to return a favour. JY is gutted but we both understand that there was a possibility of clashes in dates somewhere. The time will not be wasted as Wes and I will be working in the studio with Elliot.

I will be working with the Companies to find alternative dates. Some things are meant to happen and perhaps there's a silver lining to this fog!

Good news is that Alan Brown and Steve Vantsis played together for the first time today and I have had my initial feel confirmed. He is a spectacular drummer and will easily take control of a very important and respected position in my band. With Alan at 6 foot 2 or so, Bubbles at 6 foot 3 and myself at 6 foot 5, Wes will look like a dwarf! :-))))))

John Young sent me up some keyboard ideas and as I suspected they are spot on. A good friend of mine heard JY's demos and said that "they are right up your street". I think we already have a real tearjerker love song in the works!
Both Alan and Steve who have yet to meet JY were totally impressed with JY's playing and direction. There is a great vibe about this project and everything is coming together in a very natural and relaxed way which smacks of greatness and destiny.
Time will judge my instinct. The curve is on! :-) And I know I am going to enjoy this! :-)

Just to put the record straight the rumours that my performance in Taggart is so bad that I am leaving the country are totally unfounded.:-)

lots of love
Onkel Fish x

ps Steve got the South American dates yesterday and after jamming with Alan today has a severe dilemma on his hands. I honestly feel sorry for him. He will be gutted if he isn't out with us this year and after hearing JY's material is even more convinced that this is something special.

lots of love Onkel Fish x

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