Email 11th September 2000

Subject: Fish 2000 - Fellini day and the US cast meet

Dear Freaks, Fishheads, Fans and the Company,

Just about to pack the toothbrush and Beroccas for the SAS trip and dealing with last minute preparations and set ups before I go.

It's great to leave on a high (especially when you are flying) and today marked the end of another era and the start of a new beginning. I agreed terms with Roadrunner today for the return of the entire solo catalogue. This will mean the release next year of the catalogue on Chocolate Frog Records together with Fellini Days. It has taken a long time to negotiate but we are now in a position to sign off on a period which has been disappointing for all concerned.
This agreement means that I can consolidate Chocolate Frogs and begin to take control once again of my recording career.

The band's diary is in place for rehearsals and writing and I will be having meetings while in the US with regard to an innovative website which Mo and I are very excited about. I'll explain more when I return.

The Fellini Night will take place at Shakespeare's Bar in San Diego on Thursday 14th. If someone could get back to me with the address and phone number I'll be there after 7pm. I am rehearsing that day sometime but as it will be a limited soundcheck I shouldn't be too late. I will definitely be at the bar that evening once I know the exact name and place. If those of you who are coming could pass the message I'd be grateful.
(some of you have my number in San Diego so if you want to give me a call to tell me the details on the night)
Please don't forget to tell as many people about the Troubadour LA show on the Sunday night as possible.

There's a lot of press out there in the UK for Taggart and I hope that this wave continues.
I'll see the video when I get back! :-))

Finally I am looking at 2 warm up shows before heading off to South America. These will take place in the London area on the 29th and 30th October. I will announce venues on my return from San Diego but the Sunday show will be a Convention type affair for those of you who missed out on Haddington this year and for those of you in the South who have never been able to get North for one of these events.

Anyone looking for NTSC videos should get in touch with the Company USA. There are only 80 videos left of the 1998 German Convention. As this was a Limited edition there will be no repressings. If you want to order by secure credit card line you can do so using the F.I.S. hotline or e mail us through the website and we will arrange with the Company North America to send them to you directly.

So that's it until the 20th when I get back. Time I bought a lap top really! :-)

lots of love
Onkel Fish x

ps Hope you enjoy Taggart! :-))))))))))

lots of love Onkel Fish x

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