Email 30th September 2000

Subject: Fish 2000 - Shooting Schedule October/ November and December.

Dear Freaks, Fishheads, Fans and the Company,

Well here is the story so far on touring this year!

October :
26th-28th filming "9 Dead Gay Guys" in London

29th and 30th October - I have decided to play 2 warm up shows before the first International outing and will be playing "Charlie Browns" in Woodgreen, London as a Southern fan Club Convention. As there was no Haddington Convention this year due to the unpredictability of my domestic situation I hope this goes a way to make up as well as provide an event to pay back some of you who have travelled all the way up here for previous conventions.
The Sunday gig will be fan club only and on Monday the gig will be an open event with only an evening performance. Sunday will start in the afternoon and contain competitions, short acoustic sessions and chat sessions as well as a performance of the South American set together with some of the new material we should have written by then!
The venue is at 242 High Road Woodgreen (200 metres from the station) and is a 500 capacity room above a happening bar. Both nights have tickets priced at £10 and you can order them by phoning Nigel Sherwood on 07947 385674. More details on the event will be supplied by Nigel on this number. These will be the only solo gigs this year in England before the main tour in January so don't delay in booking.

October 31 Fly from London to Santiago/Chile
November 1 arrive Santiago - Day Off
November 2 Press in Santiago
November 3 Show Santiago
Venue: Estadio Chile (Capacity 2500)
November 4 Fly to Buenos Aires/Argentina - Day Off
November 5 Show Buenos Aires
Venue: Teatro Coliseo (Capacity 1600)
November 6 Fly to Sao Paulo/Brazil - Day Off
November 7 Show Sao Paulo
Venue: TBA
November 8 Fly to Caracas/Venezuela - Day Off
November 9 Show Caracas
Venue: Polideportivo Caracas (Capacity 2000)
November 10 Fly to San Jose/Costa Rica - Show Costa Rica
Venue: Teatro Melico Salazar (capacity 900)
November 11 Fly Home
(sorry but I don't have any details on tickets or pricing for the South American section.)

November 12th John Young's Fan Club Convention at The Star at Bentworth in Hampshire. It's a free gig for anyone who wants to attend and starts in the afternoon. Worth a visit if you want to check out the longest solos JY will be playing for a few months (rest of band fly to Scotland to continue writing/recording) Details can be found on his website

November 27th and 28th Warm Up gigs for Kosovo in Scotland - to be arranged
29th fly to Kosovo
30th November, 1st, 2nd and 3rd December gigs in Pristina for British and UN forces
4th fly home
5th rehearsals with SAS band London

Weds 6th The Brook Southampton
Thurs 7th The Brook tbc
Fri 8th Chiddingfold, Surrey
Sat 9th Chiddingfold, Surrey
Sun 10th London Shepherd's Bush Empire
Mon 11th Cambridge Corn Exchange
Tues 12th Bradford St Georges hall
Weds 13th Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
Thurs 14th Edinburgh Usher Hall
Fri 15th Manchester Apollo (Paul Young Tribute Show) with special guests

----------Mo says: Tickets for the SAS gigs are available from venues apart from Chiddingfold. Tickets for Fri 8th and Sat 9th can be bought by post by cheque/postal order for 20 UK pounds (payable to 'The Birthday Bash') from - SAS band PO box 8658 London SE27 9ZT You MUST include a stamped self-addressed envelope for your tix to be returned... No SAE, no tickets sent back to you!----------

There won't be any Fish shows in the UK before Christmas as I have decided to let Wes go home for some Florida Sun and I am taking the family to Malta (I hope) for a short break before starting work again on the 28th. The European tour will run from then until the end of January. Dates are being put in place in the coming weeks.

More news coming at you this week including the Fellini Days website which will be running in parallel to the main site and is planned to provide a day to day account in mpegs/jpegs/soundclips/interviews and other formats of the writing/ recording and live work surrounding the making of the album.

I also should have news on the European live album from the pre-Fog part of the '99 tour which will be released in late October and used to finance the Fellini project. Also news on Masque! It is now looking as if we will have this back from the printers for end of November!

The situation at Spittalrig is that Elliot has spent the last week getting the studio operational again. I have agreed an endorsement deal with the German company Behringer who will be providing the consoles and other studio equipment to reactivate the studio and at the same time provide me with major advertising for Fellini days.Behringer will be including mention and coverage of the album and my endorsement in all their promotion campaigns.
As I mentioned before Tammi and I have decided to stay here selling the Main house, splitting the studio away from the rest of the property and building an extension on the sound rooms to hold our new family home. The architects plans have been delivered and the initial figures on the whole project make sense.I now need to convince the bean counters and number crunchers and hope that the local planners are sympathetic.

Last bit of good news is that Steve Vantsis and I will attempt to work round his job commitments and that he will remain as Bass player on the album and the 2000 touring. January is still a grey area but it is possible for Steve to play a part in the project. I was unsure and tbh spent a long night talking him out of the band only to phone him next day and talk him back in! He's too much of a trooper and as well as being one of my best friends is a superlative player. Alan Brown was gutted he was going to miss out playing with Bubs and it was his reaction on hearing the news that he was leaving that made me think again. Steve's experience is invaluable and with 2 new members coming in the balance is perfect.

It's all happening and all the band and crew are excited about starting this project.
I personally am feeling very confident of the way forward and already my inspirational buds are salivating!:-)

lots of love
Onkel Fish x

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