Email 17th October 2000

Subject: Fish 2000 - Film speed, turnover and action! Fellini days, Masque and Sashimi '99

Dear Freaks, Fishheads, Fans and the Company,

Well the time has come to get the film rolling on the Fellini project.
As you all know this entire album will be funded by advance sales of various items as I am once again embarking on a totally independent voyage and your support has never been as important as now!
Elliot Ness arrives tomorrow and we begin to set the scene for Fellini Days. We have already a number of ideas all of which will be pursued in the coming months. The band are rehearsed for the fan club shows at the end of this month and the initial demos are exactly as I hoped. We are now moving into an area which requires financing above our regular income and with this in mind I would like to offer you the following incentives to get on board early in the project.
Fellini Days is now available for advance sale at a price of 15 pounds sterling. This includes postage and packaging and all orders placed through the Fish Information Service will receive the full album in special packaging similar to the Sunsets on Empire Limited edition. It will include a full colour sleeve and an extra CD containing bonus tracks, out-takes and other associated material which will not be available on the version released to retail. The album will be released only when I think it is ready, but the latest release date will be March 2001.
This was written as part of the press release for the Fellini project.
I honestly believe that the idea of creating "the album" and then selling it on is a dead issue. The advent of MP3, and whether you like it or not, the "Napster" style derivatives etc., have delivered the death blow to traditional means of creating albums. To sit down and write 70 minutes of music, record, master, package and then sell it on is an ancient concept. I have always been seen as a purveyor of conceptual approaches since the early day with Marillion and the approach to the new album "Fellini days" continues this attitude but with a distinct twist.
Rather than writing and recording during a marked-out period I decided to incorporate the live "rehearsal" methods that have benefitted me in the past together with the experiences that are inherent in touring and always inspirational to writing. More often than not these often get shelved and sometimes forgotten within the whole process of the project. With this method of writing and recording the ideas and experiences are fresh and vibrant, and the recordings will benefit from the immediacy of the process.
This means in effect we are writing on the road, in the studio and in fact anywhere we can find space to create. The tour is so diverse and irregular in environments that it can only contribute to the feel of the album in an extremely positive sense. What we are doing is creating music around a theme in vastly different geographical and environmental locations and picking the best of those moments to form the album. We are recording Fellini days!
More information will be available on the new Fellini Days website which is intended to be up and running in the next few weeks. This will form a diary of all our touring and studio recording over the next few months leading up to the release of the album at retail sometime in late Spring early Summer next year.
The other project which will be released in the first week of December is the "Masque" book.
Mark Wilkinson is currently putting together the cover artwork for Fellini Days as well as completing the work on the long awaited book " Masque".
Over 12 years in the making this new 220 page full colour book covers the 18 years that he has been working with Fish through his time with Marillion together with all the solo projects. "Masque" contains poster, t-shirt and other designs as well as all the albums and singles covers they put together during their long relationship. In the book Mark and Fish discuss the images and artwork they used and the reasons and inspiration behind some of the most recognisable album covers of the eighties and nineties in interviews and taped conversations taken between them over the years. A perspective on the creation of the Fellini Days cover and early visions of the work in progress are covered in the final chapter of the book. This book is a must for any fans!
"Masque" will be available for sale on mail order only. Further details are available on Fish's website
We are now taking orders for Masque through Fish Information Services.
Masque is priced at 20 pounds sterling plus 3 pounds fifty pence postage and packaging!!
The final project to support the financing of Fellini Days is the double CD "Sashimi" taken from the European tour in '99. This CD will be from recordings made in Posnan and Koln. Both shows were taken from the desk and feature the band at their pre-fog best on the '99 tour.
"Sashimi" is available to be bought in advance now and will be priced at 14 pounds sterling including postage and packaging. Vouchers from the American live album "Candlelight in the Fog" can be used when purchasing "Sashimi". This double CD will be released in November.

The income from the above 3 projects will all go to support the writing and recording of Fellini Days. Any help you can give me on this is much appreciated. Spread the news and let as many people know as possible what I am trying to do. This is a very different and unique approach and should garner a lot of interest from media and others. I am not planning a major press release rather choosing to let it filter out throughout the project.
This is also where you come on board. Copy this e-mail and forward it to people who you think would support this project!
I will go into more detail on the overall project in the coming days but this is the fanfare.
I hope you hear the call and respond as positively as we feel here at the Farm about the project and the new direction!

lots of love
Onkel Fish x

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