Email 25th October 2000

Subject: Fish 2000 - South America, Urgent Fog warning!!

Dear Fishheads, Fans, Freaks, The Company and especially our South American friends,

As some of you already know there have been problems with venues and ticket availability in Venezuela and Brazil. The tour was recently re-jigged and from information that we have received this week I have no other option but to postpone the tour.

I am obviously extremely disappointed but after discussion with my agent and the South American promoter it would be very unwise to attempt a tour at this moment in time.
Problems with availability of venues, the financial collapse of the intended Venezuelan promoter and a host of organisational problems meant that we would be arriving in South America ill-prepared and at the mercy of ground fire.
This tour was a lot shorter than either the promoter or myself wanted due to the availability of time and musicians in November. With all the production, hotel, flight and freight costs only guaranteed by the income from 3 confirmed shows in 10 days the tour did not make sense for anyone involved. I have made a decision together with my agent and the promoter down there to reschedule the dates in March as well as adding a number of other gigs. These will probably include Curitiba, Rio and San Paulo in Brazil, Buenos Aires, Rosario, Cordoba and Martinez in Argentina as well as more dates in Chile and the dates in Venezuela and Costa Rica. We will also be looking at Mexican shows and possible gigs on the West Coast US to follow on from South America.
I apologise if any one has been put out by this but in all honesty this has been beyond our control. My time will not be wasted as I will have the entire band in the studio for nearly 2 weeks and with the writing coming along as it is we have a great opportunity to advance the Fellini project. It is a huge disappointment as I was relying on income from those shows to support the album in the initial stages. The London shows are still very much on and we will hopefully have a couple of acoustic versions of the new material in the set.
Once again apologies to all the South American fans but you can trust in me to do all I can to make sure that the 2001 tour is a huge and memorable success.

lots of love
Onkel Fish x

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