Email 24th November 2000

Subject: Fish 2000 - Tour news and Fellini Directions! This month's stage clothes are designed by Kevlar!

Dear Freaks, Fishheads, Fans and the Company,

A lot going on and a lot going off! For those of you thinking about coming to Edinburgh for a Fish show on Hogmanay (otherwise known as New Year's night) - don't. The acts confirmed to play this year are the famous Scottish acts Moby and Bjorn Again! I realise that some may be thinking "Wait a minute!! Moby? Moby Dick! He's under an alias!" Sorry to disappoint! I am well sick of dealing with Scottish promoters as this is the umpteenth time I have been stalled on a decision and left in the dark! The next UK dates will be in April unless I confirm warm ups for the next South American tour! This is being sorted btw and it looks like a tour is happening in March. It will be a longer tour than the November one that was postponed.

I am off to Kosovo on Wednesday with the band and carrying an electric show! I hope it gets the same reaction as the acoustic shows we have played so far in the Balkans. News isn't great as there has been a rise in temperature in recent days. Two Serb policemen were shot a few days ago in the area we are working in and a large force of irregulars have crossed the border into Kosovo. Rumour has it that a major "kick off" is about to happen between the Serbs and Albanians! It should make for good soundbites! :-)
We are playing 4 shows one of which will be recorded for Kosovan TV. It has been arranged by a friend of mine, a journalist who kept in touch throughout the last conflict and who has promised me a tour of the "outlying" areas and the places the UN don't go! The footage should be perfect for the new Fellini Days web-site which has now started to report on the album activities! I will have a copy of the live footage to put up in part on the web-site and to use in future projects. As well as Kosovan TV we will have 100 local youths every night allowed into the gigs and we will be meeting them after shows!

I wish I could say the same for Northern Ireland but the security restrictions have been tightened and no civilians are allowed into the gigs in December. The COs cannot allow non-army personnel onto the bases. I am disappointed with the decision but I have to appreciate that in the current Irish climate there are still factions that do not recognise the Cease Fire agreement. I have to respect the decision of people who's primary concern is the security of the bases and the safety of the troops under their command. I have no political axe to grind on this 4 date tour and my mission is to entertain soldiers who have been on a 6 month tour of mostly mind-numbing duty. For those Irish fans both from the North and the South I will do my utmost to get something together next year.

Elliot Ness is coming to Kosovo and will be carrying multi-track recording equipment on which we will begin recording some of the acoustic material written so far for Fellini Days. There are now more than 11 tracks in working order and we still have to gather John Young's pieces together. News on the tracks and soundbites will be up on the web site in the coming weeks. At the moment there are no vocals as we have been mapping the arrangements but I will say that there are 11 lyric ideas including verses and choruses etc to match the music. I can honestly say that with Wes I have discovered the most invigorating and inspiring guitarist/writer I have ever worked with. The material is outstanding and in my honest opinion eclipses Raingods and shadows Sunsets. If albums tend to roll in 3's, first great, second reaching and third epic, then this is the classic third!! All news can be found next week at

I expect to have at least 15 titles by the time we start recording proper in January.

The filming for "Nine Dead Gay Guys" finished last Friday and all are confident that the movie will hit the screens in late January. Just to prove how it works these days I did my first interview for Q magazine since 1987 last week! It was all about the movie and of course I followed home with the Fellini news! They thought that this was my first and rare appearance! When they heard about the 3 movies next year including the Clarinda role with Johnny Depp there was a wee bit of respect crept in! I did remind them about the lack of support on the last 6 studio albums- in a "nice" way! :-)
Let's see what they print! (I'll throw a polaroid of my bondage costume from NDGG on the site next week - you'll like it a lot!! :-))))

Also did some filming for a new Channel 4 production "Banzai". Coming out in January on their new digital channel it's a bit of a piss-take! Twas me against an old lady who had to complete various tasks (drink half pint of sherry, rack up a high score on Mortal Kombat and ascend a set of stairs on a chair lift) before the intro of Kayleigh finished and I started singing! It should be a laugh! :-)))))

We are negotiating at the moment for a live web broadcast of the German convention. This will involve a massive promo campaign by the Sponsor both for the broadcast, the album and the tour which is being put together for April/May.

One of the only certain ports of call is Poland on the 25th April which not only is my birthday on my 20th Anniversary of being the singing creature Fish but also the day when Scotland play Poland in a friendly football match in Bydgoszc!!
I will have a hotel for 2 days and a long day off!! :-)))))

Calum Malcolm is confirmed to mix Fellini Days in March next year. He will also be mastering the "Sashimi" album next week. I have been guilty of leaving this late as I got caught up in the furious energies around the writing sessions.
It will now be available in December. Just before the call of "What we expected!" goes out I am happy to tell you that the Masque book has arrived a week early and will be going out to those of you who have ordered so far next week! :-)
Thanks for all your orders so far. The income from mail order has been keeping the dream alive as I cover all the recording and writing costs and help keep a bunch of musicians off the streets!! If you haven't ordered Masque yet then reconsider as this is the book every fan of album sleeves whether they are a Marillo/Fish fan or not will be talking about this Christmas! I understand that it's a tough time for finances especially for those of you with families but any support you can give us here at the Farm is more than welcome.

Wes and I played a short set at the Waterside Bistro on Beaujolais Day last Thursday. Lucky and Sugar Mice in the first set and Tiki 4, So Fellini and Kayleigh in the second. I forgot the Kayleigh lyrics as we were both very, very drunk at the time! In case you thought it was just me - Wes forgot the solo!

There is a lot of press out there for the upcoming SAS shows! Sorry about the screw up with the Manchester Apollo but I knew nothing about this. I was initially surprised that it was a standing floor in the first place. For my pennyworth I think the promoter is well out of order and if it was my show I would have been "particularly upset" by their actions. The lift in ticket price is inexcusable!! :-((((

Roger Taylor (Queen) is confirmed for the Edinburgh show btw - sssshhhhh!!!:-)

Just had my BUPA health check done for the first time in 2 years!
Told to give up smoking (I know!! It will be done) my lung capacity is slightly below normal!!!!!!! No lung shadows!
Cholesterol a wee bit high! Weight - 14 pounds over, heart great, hearing great, sight great, liver and kidney functions normal - overall I am a relatively healthy Scotsman with a 7% chance of dying from a heart attack in the next 10 years with this current lifestyle and I didn't lie - even about the drinking!!

So would you believe it? I didn't!

The fact that I took the medical indicates my thinking though!! Nice to know I am still 0-0 in the game of life!

lots of love
Onkel Fish x

ps. Just to show how the Luck is changing! Mark and I were going to ask Jonathan King to write the intro to Masque (one of his favourite pieces of artwork is "The Company" and he is a big Fish/Marillion fan)
We decided at the last minute that it felt wrong! :-)))))

pps. Last night I dreamt I was flying over Dalkeith for the first time since I can remember when I was a kid!!! So Fellini!

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