Email 10th January 2001

Subject: Fish 2001 - Episode 1 Total Eclipse of the Moon!

Dear Freaks, Fishheads, Fans and the Company,

First of all a Happy New Year! It's late I know but life has been hecticated! Recording on Fellini Days proper starts tonight. A change in personnel you may have heard whispered is the case and Dave Stewart is back on the drum stool! Alan Brown retired after the Ireland trip. I felt that he wasn't experienced enough for the position and my hope that he would have learned quickly was misplaced. It was going to take a lot longer than I could afford for him to settle in and begin to contribute to the extent I needed. He admitted himself that he was stretched and struggling with the material and the depth of the styles required for the writing was lacking. He is a talented musician and I am sure our paths will cross again. Like Squeeky himself who was passed over on his first audition for the same reasons I am sure Alan will make a name for himself in the future. For now though I'm delighted to have Dave back with Steve and it should be pointed out that his decision to take part again was solely judged on his belief in the material. He is very excited at the new album and is even looking at the European tour in April as a strong possibility.

Wes arrived 2 days ago to find Elliot in bed with a kidney infection (he hadn't had a drink since New Year - we reckon that was the problem. He needs a pint of 80 to sort him out), Steve Vantsis in bed with severe flu and Tammi down with a bug! Ironically I was fine! :-)
Everyone apart from Bubs is better and drum sounds are being set up as I write this.
I'll fill in for the Tecky's on the Fellini Days site.

I'd arrived back from Ireland after an 18 shows in 20 days burn on the 22nd and as expected I was exhausted. I didn't get some semblance of togetherness and energy back until the end of the year and then it was onto the rollercoaster for New Year and Tara's birthday.

With the recording starting and a new i-Book to play with the fanzine write ups and the tales of Balkan and Irish exploits can hit the page and the Fellini site. There is a lot of footage to edit for the site as well as backing tracks and other stuff.

On the news front I am on "Never Mind The Buzzcocks" as a panel guest filming on the 26th February for a programme scheduled for transmission on March 16th. I am also acting in a short movie by Stephen McCole (drummer in YPGtBaRS, other roles in"Orphans",and with Bill Murray in "Rushmore") filming in Glasgow in March. The next major part is in "Seagulls on Speed" shooting immediately after the European tour winds up in late May. These dates are being put together now.

I decided to pull the idea of touring South America in March as I have not heard any concrete proposals from promoters since October and I had expected to have at least a contract by now. With a number of other European bands touring at the same time in the areas and venues I thought it better to once again postpone till the end of the year and allow us some extra time to concentrate on the album recording.

The "Sashimi" album is going into production next week. We were all delayed and caught up in different time shapes that meant the people concerned with setting it up have all been missing each other. The gig will be the full show from Posnan in Poland.

The Balkan CD is having to be edited in the next 2 weeks as I have to remove some language that tbh shocked even me! :-)

The Masque T Shirts have been delayed as I sent the batch we received back to the printers as I was unhappy with the quality. A new run is being set up. The Fellini T shirts are going out as they are ok apart from the site moniker being "Fellini! DOH!! TB Changed on the next run!

We now have stocks of "Toiling In The Reeperbahn" one of the previously deleted double CD official bootleg titles from 93 as a repressing. It contains early live versions of the Suits material and is priced at 10 pounds sterling including postage and packaging worldwide.

There are still copies of "Candlelight in the Fog" available.

The last piece of news is that Karen Cowen has resigned from the office and leaves in 4 weeks to set up an internet site for local East Lothian artists.
I have decided to make the available position a full time post and am looking for a person with good computer skills, office management experience and organisational skills, the ability to deal with the mail order service and general fan club duties as well as act as my personal assistant in the office. Own transport is essential. Anyone seriously interested please e me.

Well last night was a perfect eclipse of the moon and over Scotland the skies were icy clear.
A good omen for the beginning of the Fellini sessions.

"I hear the sound of distant drums........"

more later
lots of love
Onkel Fish x

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