Email 14th January 2001

Subject: Fish 2001 - The legend of Arthur the Spot and the Nights of the round Bottles!

Dear Freaks, Fishheads, Fans and the Company,

I have a fiendish spot/ boil/ growth below my left eye eyebrow called Arthur! It threatens to explode every day but the white head evades us! The eruption could be cataclysmic and the threat of dressing on the morning's Sugar Puffs keeps the boys in check!
The backing tracks are resounding. They have so much weirdness that the ballad is being considered as too straight and the idea of a "stalking song" is being considered. Current fantasy backing vocalist for this song is Caprice who has joined Zoe (19 from London) as our favorite Pin Up on the studio door! This is not a "normal" album as far as the benchmark of Boyzone or Westlife is considered!

Wes is finding the left field curves awkward to deal with but is going with the flow. Spanish guitar in the centre of a hard rock groove as a break down on "Clock Moves Sideways" was a toughie! It's now a song about terrorism and bombs! The end outro is crazy shit! You won't be disappointed! :-)
JY arrived today to set up sounds in the Residential block as the rest of us scourge the decks for backing tracks. Lyrically I am ahead of the game but still need to sign off on the six tracks we intend to play in Holland in 2 weeks! No pressure!

As a side issue I called the Chairman of Hibernian Football Club and asked about the disposal of the timbers from the old Stand which is being demolished. Built in 1924 it's a relic and an antique that I sat in from around 1971 on the season ticket my Dad had for us both for two seats in the Centre Stand. It has been a fire hazard for years and a recent decision to demolish the old structure and build a more modern amenity was greeted with a nostalgic farewell and a realistic nod to a new era! I'd called on the Wednesday about the possibility of getting some of the old timbers from the main stand. A return call said that the main floor of the stand was lined in asbestos but if I liked I could have the floor from the boardroom! If I could get it out by Friday at 4.30 when the main demolition mob moved in!
On Thursday night it was sorted with some local joiners and I am now in the possession of the entire section of floorboards laid in 1924 that have been walked on by such heroes as Jock Stein, Eddie Turnbull, Alex Ferguson and every major Scottish and International manager who has visited our club as well as major players who have either signed in or visited the Epicentre of my beloved Hibees! If I get the planning permission for the studio extension and our new house these floorboards will make up the dining room and main area of the house. A brass plaque is essential and the inaugural dinner will be a bit special!!
Well chuffed!! :-)

I expect to have at least 5 video clips from Bosnia/ Kosovo and Ireland on the Fellini site in the next month! Big news from Germany this weekend! All is falling into place!:-)

There will be a Haddington Convention this year! I have to work out the dates as there will be a number of events all over Europe that will fit in the "must get there" category!
It's in hand and all we have to do is sort out the windows......
watch this space

off to the studio

love Onkel Fish x

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