Email 28th February 2001

Subject: Fish 2001 - Dancing in Fog part 2 and "3D"

Dear Freaks, Fishheads, Fans and the Company,

Well, after yesterday's announcements I thought I better follow up with a more positive effort! :-)
As expected both Dave Stewart and Steve Vantsis are unable to make the May tour because of work commitments. Dave works in a drum shop which has become very successful and is opening another branch in Glasgow. This means Dave has more responsibilities and with his current financial situation he needs the regular income. Steve also has other responsibilities and like Dave has a partner and child to support. The 6 weeks tour was too much for their bosses to accept and I couldn't ask them to leave that security for a few weeks of debauchery on the road. They are extremely gutted and we will all miss each other.
I have decided to bring in John Martyr to replace Squeeks. As well as being one of the ex-Marillo drummers John is also the main SAS band drummer. For those who have seen him play recently you will recognise the reason for the choice. The wide range of styles John has picked up throughout the years since he was in the Marillos and which he uses to great effect in the SAS band means that I have a drummer who can provide the heavy attack and iron backbone to the new material as well as cover the intricacies and grooves that make up the new set. His experience will be invaluable.
I am talking to a couple of bass players at the moment but I should have settled on my choice by the end of the week.
Yatta is not going out with Jethro Tull so he will be available for the tour. Now recovering after another hospital operation, this time to cut out a part of his palate to stop him snoring. We are all very happy as on the next tour we won't have to waste our energies beating him with sticks in order to stop the seismic activity that can easily overturn a tour bus. We also have an added bonus as side effect of the op means that he talks properly now and everyone can understand what he says. All those years we thought he was an alien!

Calum Malcolm is confirmed to mix the album with Elliot in March and as we are still on schedule Fellini Days will be available in April and ready to take out on the tour in May.

The tour had to be moved from April as time was getting short and with no record company and an album that won't be available till the tour starts I need as much leeway as possible to promote the dates. This has the side effect of saving Bydogosc in Poland from the onslaught of a Fish in full tartan mood celebrating his birthday and a Scottish football extravaganza at the same time. The insurance company are happy and so is Yatta. He won't have to drag me back to the bus from a vodka bar screaming footy songs on a mid tour throat!
I may have to sort out some promotion days in Poland around that time though! :-)

I'll relay the entire tour in the next broadcast from the farm.

On the album front things are going extremely well and I can now confirm that both Steve Lukather (Toto) and Brian May (Queen) have agreed to contribute solos on "3D". The idea is to thread 3 different solos throughout the track with Wes being the other axeman. Brian and Steve are being sent the material on disc and will record their parts in Los Angeles and London before sending them back to us here at the studio to mix. This also means that on the bonus disc I will have the option to deliver a couple of versions of "3D" with different mixes of the main solos. More details of the contributions will be put on the Fellini Days site.
We are also bringing in some backing vocalists who you may recognise. Elliot is working out the session times this week and I'll put this in the Fellini diaries.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks was a great success and although Mark Lamarr ruled the roost I managed to bat a couple out of the park and was congratulated by both Mark and the producer after the show. End result is that I am being asked back on the show. As has been reported I hope the editing is sympathetic! :-) For the record Mark is a very sharp and funny guy, very likeable and very professional. He also swears as much as me on mike! The editing outtakes will take a couple of weeks and I now understand why the Buzzcocks doesn't go out live! Again I'd like to add my thanks to Simon who did a wonderful job sorting out tickets for the fans and friends who came down for the show and a great piece of blagging in getting everyone down to the Green room and the free bevvy! Yes, we drank it dry!
It was good to hear the traditional "Grendel!" being whimpered out from the shadows during the warm up for the programme and even better having Mark Lamarr shoot the offender to shreds on my behalf. I smiled smugly!
Will they never learn?
Also meeting John Taylor from the Durannies was unexpected. Last time we had seen each other was at a Queen after show party in Paris in 86 and I spent most of the night drooling over his Danish model girlfriend while Freddie's hand was perched on my thigh as he lectured me on the vagaries of the business. That's another story though! BTW I slept alone that night - don't worry! :-)
I asked John if he wanted the bass player job! :-) He declined as he did to my offer to join me for a drink in the Green Room. He looked very anxious and methinks he's succumbed to that Californian lifestyle which includes the rule of never drinking with Scotsmen.
I must admit he looked good though. He told me he wasn't playing bass much these days and was more into acting. He'd look good in one of those American Oil Baron type soap shows. Shame really as he is a great bass player and would definitely have attracted a large female element to the shows if he'd joined the band. Mind you he would have made the rest of us look even more ugly and old so maybe it's all for the best! :-)))))))

A new article is going on the Fellini Days site. Wes's Snake watch - a day to day story of the adventures in John Wesley's garden in Florida where Wes takes us on a nature study of what poisonous and interesting reptiles can be seen crawling across his lawn and gives you guidance on which guns to use to kill them.

That's it for today. Once Mo Warden arrives on Friday I am sure that the Fellini site will start to take off in a big way as we will have her expertise and fingers at our disposal! As you can imagine from these last posts it has been a very hard slog these last few weeks and things have been left due to so many commitments.
More news tomorrow including release dates on Sashimi and the answer to the question of "Where's my bloody fanzine!?"

lots of love
Onkel Fish x

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