Email 5th July 2001

Subject: Fish 2001 - the Convention and the latest news!

Dear Freaks, Fishheads, Fans and the Company,

Apologies for my absence on all fronts recently but since negotiating the tour my Life has been somewhat chaotic and stressful. I was annoyed to lose the last gig at Durham University and the clean sheet. I must point out that this was through no fault of our own. The full story is not yet clear but on the evening of the Edinburgh show Yatta made the decision as Production manager to pull the Durham gig as the PA requirements we had sent to the University 2 months previously had not been dealt with. The equipment they had arranged was totally inadequate and as there were no guarantees on the show it could have been a disaster. Yatta did not trust the Uni to deliver what we required. On the day of the show there was another production for "Grease 2" in the hall and that in itself would have made the load in and set up impossible. We were unaware of this at the Edinburgh gig and in retrospect Yatta made the correct decision. Steve Williams had arranged the gig with the University as he works with the Entertainment secretary. I must stress that he was in no way at fault for the cancellation and had done everything he could to make the gig happen. He had promoted the show all over the North of England with no help from the Uni who had not even managed to put up a poster in the campus. The ticket money has been refunded and I plan to go for another venue in the NorthEast when we embark on another 6 week European tour in November. I apologise to anyone who was put out by the cancellation but it would have been impossible to deliver a show under the circumstances we were provided with by the University.

After the tour I had a couple of SAS shows in Southampton at the Brook and then 2 shows in Denmark in Aarhus and Odense. All went well and it was great to meet some Fishheads at the shows. Last week was an open air at a brewery near Koln in Germany and needless to say the hangovers were brutal. Next shows with the SAS band are in Jersey and Guernsey 13th and 14th July, Nijdrom in Belgium on the 29th, Gosport Festival (UK) August 11th, Chemnitz (Germany) 1st September and then Chiddingfold for the annual Xmas bash on the 15th and 16th December. There is also the strong chance of an SAS gig in Birmingham at the Music Fair at the NEC on the 5th, 6th and 7th August.

There is a strong possibility that I could be heading to the Falkland Islands for more Army shows before heading to South America for a tour to replace the tour that never was! Needless to say don't book any flights as historically it's always an on/off affair until the contracts are dried!

And so the news you have been waiting for - The 2001 Haddington convention!!!

As promised the Convention will be on the weekend of August 25th and 26th.

The weekend will run as follows:

Friday 24th

An acoustic jam with various musicians local and "International". This gig is not part of the convention but is in to raise funds for the Music Festival. I will probably attend but not in an official capacity. This gig will be in the new Poldrate Centre at the rear of the Tyneside Tavern.

Saturday 25th

12 am - Official welcome and intro talk at the Tyneside Tavern. We will have the beer garden "locked off" and only laminate holders will be admitted. The area where we had the marquee last time now holds a large building that has been constructed as a rehearsal room/ function hall for local musicians and the community at large. We will be utilising this building for talks and discussion groups etc as well as arranging video performances. I hope to have the Drambuie Pipe Band performing in the courtyard.

Afternoon will have the 7 a side football competition on the new all weather pitches which are about 500 metres along the river walk. Tosh and Andy Westmoreland are organising the teams and the games so if you want to play please notify us when you send for tickets.
(Mo says: a form will be sent out with the confirmation of your order, you can either post this back to the Haddington office or hand it in when you arrive. Pre-organised teams of 7 welcome! Maps of the area and other info will be either sent with the confirmation/tickets or will be available from a couple of collection points in Haddington on Friday and Saturday.)

Mark Wilkinson will be attending and giving a lecture on the "Masque" book in the Poldrate Centre and Elliot Ness will be taking questions on the technical side of the Fellini album and studio work in general.
I hope also to have yet another artwork display in the Poldrate Centre.
Obviously yours truly will be giving his "short" question and answer session at the early part of the day.
At 7 doors open at St Mary's church for an 8o'clock performance. This will be the acoustic show in the "round" and the band will consist of John Martyr and Dave Haswell drums and percussion, Steve Vantsis bass, Foss Patterson keyboards, Frank Usher and John Wesley Guitars as well as other special guests.
The gig finishes at 10pm and then there will be a party at the Tyneside going on till very late and featuring a jazz funk band with special guests in the courtyard/ beer garden. Only laminate holders can attend.

(Mo says: Change and info! the party will be at the Bridge Centre and the Jazz/funk band is USB)

Sunday 26th

I am hoping Wes will agree to an acoustic performance in the afternoon at the Waterside at lunchtime as he will have his new album material at hand. Afternoon will see the football finals. We have "official" referees and coloured bibs this time to identify teams as well as smaller goals!
Other events and videos etc are planned for the non footy fans and then we build up to the Electric night at the Corn Exchange. Doors again open at 7pm and there will be a support band on before the main event, which will begin around 8.30 and last till 11pm. The band will include all from the acoustic night plus Dave Stewart and Jim Hayden taking over from Foss on keys. Special guests will also be taking part in the performance. After this there is yet another party for laminate holders at the Tyneside and the Poldrate Centre where we can hopefully celebrate the conclusion of a successful Fellini weekend.

Rather than tickets I have decided to go with special laminates for the weekend. As the St Mary's gig is strictly limited to 400 capacity there will be a laminate which covers the 2 gigs and a separate laminate for the Electric Night only. These will be sent with a special printed lanyard. The laminates get holders into both the parties and all the events over the weekend.
Company members are allowed guests but only one guest is allowed for the Acoustic night. I will be retaining 150 St Mary's tickets for those travelling distances eg America, New Zealand etc.
The laminate for the 2 shows is priced at £40.00 and for the Electric Show the price is £20.00
There are tickets for the Electric show, which will be available to the public priced at £15. 00 but these will not have any access to any of the events or after show parties. Laminates can be ordered through the usual methods of the credit card hotline and through the Company address.

Other events for the weekend are being planned as we speak by my faithful support team and I am already aware of fringe groups setting up their own parties for the weekend! Monksmuir once again will turn into a den of iniquity!!

I hope this meets with your approval and that as many as possible will attend this years convention and make it the loudest yet!! All the best and as always take care and stay alive!!

until next time,
lots of love,
Onkel Fish

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