Email 7th March 2002

Subject: Fish 2002 - F.I.S.H. Mail Order and other news!

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, fans and the Company!
The storms are passing and we're getting the ship back in order after a brutal 2 months of re-organising.
Kim has been working overtime on the missing orders and we are finding that the US postal system is clearing and throwing up a number of missing items. Some packages are now appearing that were sent from the farm in November.

As we have now moved to the Royal Bank of Scotland new credit card terminals are being put in and should be operational by the end of next week with a fair wind! The changeover from HSBC meant that we have not been charging cards and have been using the time to clear queries and any problems.
If you have ordered during February please remember your order has not been processed.
I have taken on someone else to help out with the mail room and take some of the weight of Kim, freeing her up for other duties. A new system is going in place next week when joiners turn the old "tape machine" room into a dedicated mail sorting office. This will allow us to monitor stock and keep up to date with orders. With the arrival of the remainder of the Roadrunner stock from Holland next week we will have a number of titles back on line. This will include "Raingods With Zippos" and the addition of the "Incomplete" single!
We are starting work on a new merchandise booklet with up to date stock and prices and including colour photos of T- Shirts and albums etc. This will be available for the Liverpool/ Convention gigs.

When I have the terminal in position and working I will announce the details of how to obtain tickets for the European convention and Liverpool gigs.

(Mo says: tickets for the convention can be pre-ordered in Pounds Sterling via the Company Scotland web-site, but prices in UK Pounds may change daily due to conversion rates. The approximate exchange rate on the 7th March 2002 for 27.50 Euros is 16.85 UK pounds. Conversion will be calculated on the day of order processing, not the date of order. Members of the Company Holland, Germany or Belgium are advised to buy their tickets from their Company as they can buy in Euros. The Company Germany and Holland have provided a lot of info about travelling and accommodation too. Please check the site regularly for updates.)

Other news -
Susie Webb and Zoe Nicholas are looking good for the Liverpool shows and the 2 convention dates! Well they look good anyway! :-) It'll be good to have another couple of SAS people involved in the shows and with the girls having done backing vocals on Fellini Days there should be an extra edge to the Solo night as well!

On the subject of the SAS! Mark Shaw (Then Jericho) jumped from a PA stack a few weeks ago and suffered two broken heels! He has 7 fractures in one heel and 11 in the other. Currently in a wheelchair he still manages to get down the pub and is having a great time getting his willy out and pissing in bottles! I talked to him yesterday. He is pretty down about it all and swore he wasn't drunk when he did it! ;-) The physio is very painful as he mashed all the nerves in his heels and he can't have painkillers when they manipulate them back into line!:-( He reckons 3 months and he'll be back on stage. The thing that is amazing him the most is the new respect he has found for wheelchair users and just how difficult access and travel has become. He suggested that it may be a good idea for local planners to spend a day in a chair in order to appreciate the difficulties.

The visit to Brunei as Honorary Chieftain of the Highland Games is looking more likely for the beginning of June! 10 days holiday at exactly the right time for charging batteries and getting rid of my ghostly blue Scottish skin colour for the gigs! It is also going to be an ideal surge of input for the Field of Crows writing as helicopter trips over and into the jungle are planned as well as nights in "strange" places! The cameras will be rolling - don't worry! :-)

Anyway until then back to the grind and the dreams of South China Seas have to wait till sleep calls!

lots of love
Onkel Fish xx

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