Email 15th March 2002

Subject: Fish 2002 - Conventions, Caverns and Vikings!

Dear Fishheads, Freaks, fans and the Company!
As you know the European Convention takes place in Enschede, Holland on the 28th and 29th June. Our credit card terminal is now in action thanks to a kind individual at the Royal Bank of Scotland and we are now processing orders for merchandise and tickets.
Tickets for the convention nights are priced at 27.50 Euros each night and, as pointed out on the website, currency exchanges will be worked out on the day of your order.

I have decided not to hold a Haddington Convention this year as time at the end of the year is getting very scarce due to album commitments and with a full European tour kicking off in November it could suffer from getting lost in the schedule of gigs. There will definitely be a Convention next Summer and I am already talking with promoters about the possibility of an Open Air in June at a large country house in the County. This would tie in with other ideas we are exploring with special Open Air events in Europe.

The Liverpool Cavern shows are confirmed for the 24th and 25th with the 26th on hold should demand allow us a third night. With the cancellation of a Haddington Convention this will be the only venue where we plan to work with all the material from the all-encompassing Enschede setlists.
Tickets are £12.50 and will be available from F.I.S.H.. Tickets bought on mail order will be sent out from here at no charge. We will not be selling tickets for the 26th until the show is added but should you want tickets for this show please indicate when you order and we will keep your details to ensure tickets for that night.

I can also confirm that I will be playing the Canterbury 2002 festival in the grounds of Mount Ephraim gardens, a private country house near Faversham in Kent on Friday 23rd August. It is a 5000 capacity venue with on site camping and the event goes on over the Bank Holiday weekend. I'll be headlining the Friday Night show.
I've been informed that this is a half day starting around 5.00pm with Kevin Ayres and Caravan. I'll be on at about 9.00pm with curfew at 10.30pm-ish.
Other bands confirmed include:

All About Eve
Rick Wakeman
21st Century Schitzoid Band (the music of King Crimson featuring Michael Giles, Ian McDonald, Peter Giles, Jakko M. Jakszyk and Mel Collins)
Ozric Tentacles
Muffin Men
Mostly Autumn

Arthur Brown (who is also compere for the whole event)
Pretty Things
The Damned
The Stranglers

I'll provide details on how to get tickets as soon as I have them from the promoter.

The Norwegian Tour should be confirmed early next week. We are only waiting on confirmation from the Army who will determine the length of the tour. The schedule is planned to start on the 1st September and if all the shows confirm then I will be in Norway until around the 14th. This will be the most extensive tour I have ever undertaken in Norway and is the beginning of a long term involvement over there with events already being planned for the Summer of 2003.
As always I will confirm as soon as I have confirmation of all the dates myself.

The first episode from "Snoddy" was shown on BBC Scotland on Wednesday. It was bizarre and threw a lot of people! The only way I can describe it is "The Beano" on film! I am in episode 5 and 6 as "Big Doddsy"!

Other news is that I sold the VW Caravelle and while I wait on a decision from my potential car sponsors and needing transport to get me to Tescos and the pub (not necessarily in that order) I bought myself a short wheel base Landrover, 1980 diesel! It is ideally suited to the farm road which at this time of the year is reminiscent of Bosnia in 96 or the trenches in 1916. It rattles and rolls but it is a fun vehicle and struggles to get over 50 mph! I love the new respect I get from truckers who always give me a smile as they pass. It took me an hour to get back from the airport the other day and the frustration on the faces of various Mercs, Beamers and Maseratis as they queue up behind me is a joy to watch! They also give me an extra wide berth when passing. I know they really are jealous as we all know every boy wants an old Landrover to muck about in! :-)
The heater doesn't work so I am desperate for the Summer warmth. I am dying to see Tara's face when I pick her up at the airport next Saturday!! :-))))
Anyway off to charge the battery!

lots of love
Onkel Fish xx

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